Sunday, April 22, 2012

there's one of my weakness that until now, I dont know how to cope; is the stres due someone or somecat illness:| I got sooooo stres, I cant split my head into take care of him/her/it and concentrating at working. Emotional and physicly drained:| not to forget Im reaching to the hormonal dates that forces me to hibernate more for the headache and not to mention feel a bit mellow.

So these are the times that I feel low; my cat is sick, nobody(no catperson) to talk to and get moral support, no enough money to buy his fave treats asap, couldnt concentrate in work coz Im so damn tired, physicly and emotionally. I cant even get a good night slee. This is why I really pray to have a family that all the member is catperson one day. Or else this lonesome would be lifetime:( *mellow effect, told you I'm mellow at these dates.

For now I just pray singingthumbelina launch soon so I can have steady income to give my kids proper life!!!! I pray for my aching and hibernating body feels better so I can work and earn!!!!! God give me strength><!!!!!


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Read the book "DON'T BE SAD". May Allah always give you strength. Amin...