Cabin Fever

Monday, May 14, 2012

it's funny how I spent my days thinking that I'll be blogging about this and that while the thing happened, but I ended up didnt blog about it:|I mean,  I remember you--blogspot, at every interesting moment that I had, but then I didnt blog about. A fail consistent blogger, I guess?

Well, anyway, I'll write some thing that that Iv been planning to write tonight.
The first story is cabin fever. Yes, lack of sunrise illness:| I didnt know that If would get it at tropical climate such as here. I did got more than once while summer and winter at japan. In those two season (which is also holiday season) I barely came out from house, exept for part time work (in the afternoon). So yesh, I familiar with the symtomps. So Ive been working outside the house now. Kicking myself out to the sun and get some walk. I chose a place that has green scenery but yessh, have  an air conditioner. I chose my old campus, UI library. Remarkably how I become so productive outside:| I almost done with the designs, now Im waiting a reply from the store where I'll buy the finishing kits.

I dont know whether this related or not, but while I push my creativity level, I become less groomy. LOL. for someone who use makeup(at least eyeliner) daily for more than 8 years, it's weird that Ive spent this couple months try to avoid it. I used to be unconfident with my droopy eye, but yet now I prefer to see it bare now:|maybe it's bcoz the wheather, my eyeliner smudge alot and i become to hate it. Waterproof? The last I want  is to wear non moisturizer product, daily.

So yesh,  to be frankly, I feel I look like an art-ist than a fashion designer:|my pick of clothes also become abit boring, simple tee with jeans. I dont know why I dont feel wearing a girly dress nowadays:|now I know why some art-ist looks (too) simple.

It's weird since I spent my years being both unconfident or  flirtatous in cute dress and makeup, I must admit I enjoy the feeling being invisible. It almost feels like it ease my days:|well, it feels abit weird since I'm breaking my 8 years habit, but i also feel more serene:|

Owh well, I myself try not saying about 'this is not the usual me' and chose to take any changes at live the best of it. So I guess 'Be Yourself' also include 'change whenever r heart say so'. I'm being comfortable with life:)

anyway got to sleep now. I'll post this is the morning


colson said...

The dynamics of a busy life; change of location, change of appearance. Good for you!:)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

While refreshing outside you may also get inspiration by asking to moving grass, like Ebiet G.Ade with his song "Tanyakan pada rumput yang bergoyang".