Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever felt that you're afraid to attachment and addiction, you stay away abit? I have. But long time ago. As I got older, I dont strain myself into any attachment and addiction, as I realize, when the time it has to fade, it will fade. Although it would require abit tears and such, it will fade.

Being on and off me, might be tiring for those who has the effort, but none of my plan. I could very clingy one day, and then I could be very forgetful in the next day. None of my plan. I never planned it that way. I find it abit tiring to clingy when I actually need some distance.

Oh you're a guy that has the same level of ignorance with me and you wished a girl that constantly attached. And oh my God that "constantly" word abit scares me. I barely being constant with my fam. Being un-constantly doesnt mean love affair or amnesia, I better define it as 'space'. But being spacy definitely doesnt mean not-clingy.

Oh yeah it feels good writing this. I just realized, in these years I've waited some names, I actually wondering how much the netto time that I spent of 'waiting'. And guys, dont bluffing about the length of time you waited, ever thought about the netto time? Bet not as long as you think you've waited.

I dont know why I detach like this. But I think it's fine as long I'm attached. Occasionally.


colson said...

Can't but second your life's philosophy. I think it's al-right to be in the watchtower regularly, po-active sometimes, being on one's guard always.

Of course to be successful and happy one needs dedication, involvement and commitment. Yet to prevent psychological blindness, senseless addiction, suffocating routine or spoiling or dislocating one's energy, it's necessary to take distance every now and then. Everybody needs to occasionally loosen ties ( or even bonds). To make up one's mind. To take a deep bre4ath, to wait. And make a fresh start in due time.

So I guess intermittently we need breaks of being laid back, casual and relaxed in order for he world, for others, to reveal itself/ themselves to us.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

If you're always very busy, either writing articles for blog or caring your funny cats, usually you'll forget your problems, but don't forget to take a meal. Life is just similar to swim in all kind of problems. Be patient, patient, patient.....and again patient !

Meilina said...

@colson :) yes sir, I also see it that way, for some I might look like a 'come and go' person, but eventually the closest ones knows that I always avail when they need me to stay close:3 unfortunately, only if the say it, literally:))

@Dad, problems need to be solved and coped, not forgotten:)) I'll stack problem if I forget them, who knows what happen if the drawer is full:p