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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
I decided to make illustration series about people that inspired me. From internet. From far away, most possible didn't know their 'charmed' on me:3 I'm the kind of girl who can easily admit if I admire a person. Not many will get my admiration though. Even if they got it, I admit their flaws and see them as a human being :D I learn to accept people, whether I like them (in whole character) or not; it's my decision:3

Michelle Phan, started as Youtube Beauty Guru, now she has so many works and projects:)) you can google her for more details. So yeah, I first saw her 5 years ago, when I was studying in Japan. I don't have TV that time, so youtube was only my entertainment. First time I saw her, I thought she was a javanese. LOL. I know. I even commented on her video, asking, "Are you a javanese:)?" hehe.. Yeah, in fact indonesian, thailand, myanmar, philipines and sometimes vietnamese, is indeed have similar look, don't you think so?? XD

I then intrigued by the fact that she's an artist--an illustrator. Well, this woman, was indeed help me a lot on learning make up. I wasn't fond with makeup before I went to Japan, but not to polish yourself while you're surrounded by the japanese girls; really not making me more confident. So yes, I learnt alot from her tutorial videos.

As I see her name rose above, I also notice the hatred that hater brought up. I guess that would be the first moment I noticed about "hater" or "cyber bullying" concept. Before, when I was young, playing with mirc, I never heard about "hater or cyber bullying". Ehee. There must be some changes in our world society behavior.

Anyway, I respect her. Must be hard, to be that famous, to be yourself, with million people (yes, million subscribers) expectations on her shoulder. Not to forget the failed expectator--the hater, writing harsh thing about her. But yet she's still rising up in the air:) I respect her strength to keep rising up in the air.

I personally think we CAN like and don't like a person characters (or acts) at the same time. Don't just because we don't like a person, we also refuse to like things that we like from her/him. Don't just because we like a person, we blindly confirms everything that she/he does, even when deep inside you don't like it. Just accept it as simple; "yes I agree, no, I'm not agree. This is my reason, oh so that's your reason. Well, your decision is yours, my decision is mine."

Ehee, I personally have people that dislike/disagree with me, and I dislike/disagree with them. But yet, in some part, I respect their strength points--even they may not notice that I do like or respect them. I learn to live respect other, as I also, of course,  respect myself.

I learn to love, I learn to dislike, and I learn to hate, at the same time. Un-blindly.
I guess, that's part of growing up phase that we shouldn't skip at, don't you think so? :)

My spelling and grammar is my decision; my way of storytelling :)
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Setyo-Utomo Said said...

It's good you have a wonderful like Michelle Phan. Have a great success ahead !