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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, yes=) for celebrating SingingThumbelina’s launching, I’ll be giving out 7 cute illustrated tote bag for 7 lucky thumbl-ers:D I’ll explain the “HOW TO” part on the last of this post in indonesian, since this giveaway is only for those who live in certain Indonesian region. I hope I could do  giveaway internationally soon:D

I haven’t talked much about SingingThumbelina concept in this blog, since I just launched it recently—and get busssy afterward. Infact, I haven’t blog in a while, didn’t I?:| Well, I actually got this SingingThumbelina’s inspiration long back when I was studying in Japan. I went to Tokyo when I was in my first year holiday. There are some places I visited while I’m there, and my most favorite place is definitely, Harajuku. I guess that probably the first moment I was really into fashion. I enjoy make and modify clothes ever since.
The concept of SingingThumbelina itself is probably similar to Harajuku, which is “personalized style”. SingingThumbelina’s clothing is all about telling story about our personalities, our passions, ourselves. For me, it has deeper meaning in life, which is embrace your-character-self. Be proud of who we are=) The themes is about urban woman, which has a great range of personalities and interests.

For those who got curious about the philosophy of the name is; for me, 4”7 height girl, I do feel abit ‘thumbelina’ most of the time. Not to forget that my name also rhrymes with it:D Ehee, I also love the idea of her willingness to fight more, to accept mistake/failures in life; to be able to live seeing sunshines. So yeah, that’s basicly why I choose that name.

Well, as you can see around my blog, I also have this passion in drawing, illustration, and design. I always dreamt to have clothing line that has my illustration on it. Well, Thank God, I have it right now=) I myself admit that I’m still growing. I mean, I know that my skills would be accelerate IF I practice and use it more, so I’m so excited to have SingingThumbelina=) a sweet way to grow me even more.

In order to grow out my illustration more, beside SingingThumbelina clothing line, I have other SingingThumbelina creative range, which is SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts (SRT) it’s similar to newsletter, that I’ll be layout them in loose-leaf style, so you can print out and use it for free—not for commercial use, of course. I’m gonna choose random tips/trick/DIY/issues that girl has;) if you have ideas, please do let me know;)

Well,, that’s my introduction for today:D I hope you have a glimpse about me and SingingThumbelina =D

It’s nice to know you. I hope we can grow together;) Make sure that you tell me about yourself and your blog, below, so I can visit you back :)

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ne=)

SingingThumbelina memberikan giveaway 
7 cute illustrated tote-bags for the lucky 7 girls. Caranya mudah kok;)

11. Like us at Facebook SingingThumbelina
22. Follow Twitter SingingThumbelina
33. Follow Blog SingingThumbelina ini (bagi kalian punya blogspot:))
44. Pada wall facebook SingingThumbelina; Ceritakan mengenai illustrasi mengenai apa yang sangat menggambarkan kamu? Dan topik apa yang ingin kau baca dari SRT? Sertakan nama twitter kamu. 
Misalnya: “illustrasi cewe main basket itu menggambarkan aku banget. SRT mengenai tips on how to fix broken heart dunk;) @MeilinaUtomo”
55. Bagi pemenang nanti harus menfoto dirinya memakai tote bag, upload di facebook masing-masing dan men-tag girlfriends-nya sebanyak 20 orang:)

Giveaway ini hanya berlaku di pulau Jawa ya=) 
I will select the winner randomly on August 12.
Ketentuan dan detail selanjutnya dikabari melalui facebook.

Thank you all, and see you around ^^


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

It's very interesting offer. I know that you always put the quality as primary issue. Have a great success ahead !

colson said...

What I like about this post is it conveys your energy, initiative and creativity. I think the bags are just beautiful. I'm sure your entrepreneurial future is gonna be bright :).

By the way, where you mention the many options open to urban women, what exactly were you thinking of?

Meilina said...

@Dad: Fighting!:) with your help, guide, and prayer, Dad XD

@Colson: thank always you for your support:)Really boost my energy~ ^^b
Maybe you mean about the themes of the illustration? It's going to be urban woman themes illustration such as a girl that do photography, a girl that do shop, listening to music, drink coffee, gossip with friends, reading book, playing laptop/gadget, playing with clothes etc:) I have un-ended option, if I'm talking about "girls". LOL.

Karina Dinda R. said...

Nice giveaway! Good luck for everyone who joining ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Ditthania suryani said...

cute bagss XD
maybe i'll join this giveaway soon hehehe.
i had saw your comment in my site and thank you for your comment :D

xoxo, dittha

Izzah Anne Abdullah said...

Is the giveaway still opened sist? I wanna join if yes, hehe

Meilina said...

@Karina Dinda: followed on bloglovin ya;) thanks for stopping by

Meilina said...

@Dittha: you're welcome:D cmon join the giveaway:)

Meilina said...

@Izzah: masih dong:) come and join the fun ya:3

The Portrait said...

lovely tote bag! do you live in japan?

Meilina Utomo said...

@vinna: Thanks:) I lived there for around 4 years for study. I live in Jakarta now:)

PrettiestLady said...

i've been joined.

see my post through ur fb.
i've done all steps to join.

wish mw luck
& thank u for this lovely giveaway.


may we following each other?
been followed ur blog (GFC: Prettiest Me)

PrettiestLady said...

twitter: @DesianaAnna
fb: Anna Desiana

Ruby and Rosa said...

awwww sweet giveaway!
good luck for your give away and to those who join!

i have a GIVEAWAY too!
28 JULY 2012 will be over!
so join now ♥ ♥ ♥

Astrid Hilda said...

interesting give away darls,
meet the newbie of blogger

PrettiestLady said...

i've been joining.
everyone who want to do an award post.
check the link


Rai Mangulabnan said...

Nice Posts! please follow me, thank you!

Rai Mangulabnan said...

Nice Posts that's I added you up to inspire me more! please follow me also, thank you!