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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Singingthumbelina Random Thoughts debut~<3

Ahahaha, I did this early in the morning since last night I had looong skype-distraction XD
This is the indonesian version, I'll upload the english version later;) I'm thinking to upload it on other art-community networks such as deviantart, or..... I don't know, what else? any suggestion? XD. Now that I'm actually 'doing' the social media thingy, I'm just more aware on how illiterate I am in social media networkXD  Owh well, one step out of a time. My friend said that I'm not Bandung Bondowoso, who can build bigs temples at one night. LOL. She makes sense.

I made this on loose leaf size(18cmx25cm), so you can easily print it, put holes on it, and insert it on your loose leaf agenda ;)

Now, I have bunch to do today:) I hope your day go great;) Gambarou ne:) Fight! Aja-aja, Semangat~<3

I have Illustrated Tote Bags Giveaways on my fan page:) 


colson said...


I happened to have yoghurt and strawberries in front of me for breakfast when I read your post.

So, following this advice I didn't eat it but did put my breakfast on my face.

Wonder if people will notice how much more beautiful I am today :).

Or doesn't it work out at the start
of a day on an old man's face with a beard?