Teaching Passion

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I need to post this for Polyvore editing. Ehee...

OMG I miss blogging about random things:( unfortunately random things nowadays is SingingThumbelina things:)) lol. Designing, producing, editing, marketing, confusing(lol). Well, anyway, there's one thing that I've been thinking this week, since I have this SingingThumbelina baby born; I want TO GO OUTSIDE more. LOL. well, I decided to review my nihongo skills and teach part time classes. I'm thinking about teaching at my almamater university, they have the once in a week course in Japanese. 

When I said randomly that I probably want to start teaching again, two of my friends even booked me for private lesson, I found that as a good sign. maybe indeed I need to focus more on teaching. I think that would be fun also =) go out, meeting friends, studying, income =p I've planned that I will start to do my freelance design work again after this baby born, but a part of me prefer a freelance tutor, since the working hours it's set. It would me easier for me to scheduled the work habit. Freelance in design field is unpredictable and I afraid it might harm my 'pre-order' system. Maybe I'll start active doing it when I fully adjust to the working habit.

The weird thing is, maybe because I'm so full with SingingThumbelina's thoughts, I found reviewing Japanese is so........ refreshing. LOL. I never thought that I would say that xD since 2 years ago, when I needed to submit my Japanese report paper, I was so............ devastated. LOL. So yeah, that would be my plan for next step in life:) Teaching. come to think about it, I always active in teaching-forum since I was in high school. I even did it when I'm in Japan. Beside I was a part time teacher assistant in Kumon, I informally taught Japanese conversation course for indonesian master students who don't have the opportunity to take Japanese classes (their classes are english-base).

So yeah, I admit I miss teaching xD I guess I got this nature from my Dad, who also a lecturer back then. Even my best friend's father was surprised to found that; that her daughter bestfriend's(me) Dad is his respected lecturer. My friend indeed said that his father was repeatly said, "this is my lecturer house" whenever he drived through in front of my house. My friend then told me that our father might know each other. But, of course, my Dad forgot about him. LOL. I mean, he might had thousands students back then. But I think it's so proudfull that some people out there found my Dad respectful and inspirative. It's part of daughter proud, you know=p  Recently, I encourage him to write his wisdom and make a fan page with his name (such as Paolo Coelho) but I think he's still shy :p I don't know why he's still shy about it, I mean, he GREW me up, alone, THAT IS SOMETHING!! lol. Not to forget, he's an active writer when he was younger. He might be the indonesian Paolo Coelho if only he's not shy XD ahaha, tagging Dad, "cmon Dad, dont be so shy."

There! I wrote my random blog XD Now I need to switch the page to polyvore. Ehehe... See you on next post~<3

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