Breathe in Tears

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
breathe in tears

As Kelly Clarkson mention in her song, "dark side of me" well I used to use that phrase when I was teenager. Nowadays I respect every inches of my side and refuse to label them, this is bright, this is dark, this is positive, this negative and such. Though some might see this would stop you for growing better, but nah, I'm growing in my own way. I'm describing world on my way.

They said a drawing could easily describe one emotional state feeling. I admit that could be achieved, if one doesn't think too much or pretentious while drawing. I'm quite like this drawing I made. I made it fast, quite rough, my strokes feels different with I used to use, I felt rush, somehow mad. Yeah, art is always a catarsyst theraphy for me:) Sometimes I couldn't tell what's going on with me, but when I draw, I could see my emotions in my drawing:3 

I always such a fond of dark images, gothic, new age music. I'm funny and lively when I'm with my groups of friend. But I also bitter. That's why I try to avoid talking about my feeling on some specific condition to details, as one reply, he or she'll colded out my bitterness. One should've not advice, unless I ask them. Owh yeaah, that kind of stubborn.

On the other side, I also a easy kind of Remote - Poscard song, lounge music. You'll find my so quite in rainy season, just gazing out the windows with coffee. You'll be wondering my ability for not saying a word, in a good way--not in a angry-way. Sometimes in life, when people talking, I heard them like as TV background, so they could talk as much as they want. 

WEW, as I wrote that, I just remembered, my Mom's sister once said to me, "Your mom hated so much when your Dad is busying with his mind (he was a novel writer) and live in his own world," MWHUAHAHAHA, now that I just remembered it, I know where I got this part of blood:))) o___o err... my future husband would also have to bear this. LOL.

Anyway back to the story, not to worry, I also a dancer, so I also love the kind of hip hop beat music. I love muse, coldplay, hoobastank, carkparknorth, linkin park, and the normally liked band so part of me also belong to the common ground.

I grow with so many part of me, yet I hate to discriminate them by saying bright or dark sides. So I guess, take me as who I am? I'll take you as who you are? :)


colson said...

I guess you're right; this is the perfect attitude in a relationship: "I'll take you as who you are".

Yet I saw quite a number of friends who after their marriage started with the best of intentions but after a while began trying to repair the less adorable traits and behaviour of the partner. Especially wives are over optimistic thinking they can change their husbands.

Usually only with a lot of tension and no improvement as a result :).

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Very good job for your first art design. Congratulation !

Meilina Utomo said...

@colson: that's why I dont know why, I (always) prefer an honest bastard than a camouflage gentlemen:p I got pretty cautious with "perfection". Well, as for me, a guy that stay after few conversation with me, already need to be given appreciation:| They'll see what they'll need to know. And I need to see what I need to know. LOL.

PS: Wives will always have high expectation regard on where the husbands put the dirty laundry I guess?:)))

Meilina Utomo said...

@Dad: it's not my first:| maybe you mean, "mixed media" art journal first attempt:p