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Monday, July 2, 2012
Pink Melody. So girly:3 Well, despite of my casual style, I do like the girly korean fashion style mood:) something that floaty, earthy, and natural mood. 
Anyway, I wonder why in Jakarta, if we used that kind of beach hat, people would stare weird at you. None will happen, if it's in Japan. But yet, the Jakarta dry season's sunlight is as painful as Japan's summer:'( 
Why cant we wear that beach hat, here?:'(

Running Out Moments style. This is more like me, daily. LOL. I must confess I was more girly when I'm in Japan than when I'm here. I guess it relates to the public facilities and transportation. I mean, it's more convinient(and safe) to wear highheels/wedges on Japan public transportation, than here:| the sidewalk here is not even smooth to walk:'( 

I think this look looks adorable:) it's again girly but more casual and easy going. Don't you think so?

I have Illustrated Tote Bags Giveaways on my fan page:) 


AuL Howler said...

thanks for your comments, dear.

Adding column for reader to share their fashion styling photos/editorial features sounds great. It was an amazing idea, actually.


Well, since the first I built that magz, I'd dedided to create it as a full of stories magz. it's a special magz for stories only.

I think I couldn't add fashion-things in it.

So excited to see your upcoming magz.
congrats, you just got your first reader (me), though the magz is not published yet. Hehehe

colson said...

Someone wearing such a beach hat would attract my admiring attention, whether in Brisbane, Beying, Madrid or the Sahara :).

colson said...

A beach hat like this one would attract my admiring attention whether it was in Brisbane, Beying, Madrid or the Sahara :)>

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i love pink!