MakeUp Starter Kit (SRT)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes, another SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts (SRT ) newsletter that I did today. I also made a mixed media video from the illustration that I made for this SRT.  Sekali mendayung, 2-3 pulau terlampaui:p

The theme is makeup starter kit. For those growing up girl who start to use make up daily:) so many cosmetic tools out there, which one first to buy, to fill out our makeup bag? So this is some recommendation. Make up may look abit troublesome for those who is just started to use one, but after a bit of practice I could guarantee that we can do it bellow 10 minutes or even 5 =D

Again, I make this on loose leaf size so you can easily print it out, put holes on it, and insert it on your binder agenda, make it looks like a magz =D You can also share it to your friend if you want to. here's the facebook link of it

The giveaway is still open and your opportunity to get it, is still big, so if you want to join the fun, just click here :)

The video about myself learning mixed media journal is below. The vid is featuring 2 of my cats, which is Inu and Gogo:) after seeing this vid you'll know how my cats are literally "all over" me. Well I guess because they're so young. I found some of my cats make distance after they got older:|

Enjoy :)


Gita Andreina Ang said...

so true!! i'm starting college next spring so this article is really really useful! :)

colson said...

Wow, madam!

It's generous to give us a glimpse of your creative process. You make it look like something very difficult is easy - which is proof of your craft(wo)manship. And the result is great as well. Moreover it's an awesome video.

[Though we all know now you should always mention your cats as co-creators :)]

Noralia Ayu said...

love this post n article!


Indy Andrea Mumu said...

great blog! you're so creative!:)

Prisilia Felicia said...

waaah this is really useful! thank you<33

LoLy said...

Hay :D
I just came across your LOVELY blog, do you want us to follow each other :) I will love that..


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

I like the way you wrote your words. Easy to read and inspiring!


Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

creative blog ^ ^

lisa and her world

Fashion by Anita said...

Cool blog ;)
I follow you, can you follow me back?

Michelle said...

Wow, that's really inspiring :)

Meilina Utomo said...

Thank you all~~<3XD sorry for the late reply:( I've been very busy in this past couple weeks:((

I'll be working on another SRT this week:) wait for the fun;)