Porcelain Doll

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Okay, you all do know that these pics are heavy-edited right?:3 Good! Coz that's my purpose:))) I'm the one kind of person who prefer 10-20% photo-editing, or more than 80%. Between 20-70% is kinda sensitive coz people might start see it as "manipulation" rather than merely "correction", while beyond 80% is seen as art. Ok:3 please do see this as an art. LOL. I'm aware that this experimental editing might harm several fashion-photography theories, but please do pardon me:3

I'll be experimenting couple unique themes afterward, and I can ensure you, I'm the beyond 80% graphic-designer, so if you want to see the closer-to-real colors of SingingThumbelina collection, drop by to my facebook.com/SingingThumbelina :3

Waw waw, I'm a fashion blogger??:3 LOL. Well, I started this blog as fashion-art blog and somehow along the way became more art-cat blog. LOL. Now that SingingThumbelina is born, I become more excited doing these than ever before:3

Ah, anyone has pinterest+instagram? Lemme know ur username so I can follow you:3


colson said...

Design or art- it doesn't matter in as long as either the beauty of it blows us off our feel or the creation takes our breath away :).

Therefore experimenting is necessary.

So, I love it :).

Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

nice camera!


Calita Hin said...

yea cool