2,5 ish months

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've closed the ToteBag giveaway on last Sunday and got them delivered on Monday. I hope they can arrived safely to the giveaway winners' home:3 after that day I just realized, it's only been 2,5 month since I launched SingingThumbelina Creative Media and Lifestyle, but it feels like ages. That's kinda weird since there're quotes saying that the more you love something, the more you feel time moves so fast. Well, the thing that makes me NOT feeling that kind of way is the targets that I'm achieving. Everyday, every week has its own target, every mistake needs each correction. So, although I do love what I do, due the things that I've done, I kinda a bit shock it's 'just' 2,5 month. Part of me so thankful about that fact, still alot of things to do alot of things to learn :)))

Btw I had bad flu last weekend, failed to do SRT, and already have a PO to do this week. Now I feel abit guilty. I always allow myself to work smart detecting the mode (illustration mode, digital design mode, sewing mode, crafting mode, mixed media mode, social media campaign mode), but sometimes, too much thing to do, and the fact that I have to switch mode (it's hard, you know, switching mode), delayed task/dateline makes me SAD :( I'm trying to seek someone to assist me along the way. At least for things that I could share the weight. Let's hope I'll find her/him so that my mind would have some rest sometimes. LOL.

Maybe I need a new muse afterall. LOL. I wrote that probably because I'm sleepy. I got so honest when I'm sleepy:| Well, to reply my own sleepy-writing, I don't know if it's fair... to wish someone to be on our side just for him to be supportive and inspirative. It sounds abit unfair. Maybe later. After I feel I can be fair on things. Maybe that time I'll rethink over it. For now, I don't know what to miss:3

Nah, that's enough, I'm sleepy enough to babbling:3 Oyasumiy~


colson said...

A partner may be nice, but I guess in creative business in the end you've got to do it yourself anyhow. From what I see and read you're exactly that kind of versatile and prolific powerhouse. And factually just doing fine :-).

Tifa Pascariyanti said...

nice blog post darl although I didn't understand actually hehe but it seems like a great stuff :)
thanks for visited me :D

NF said...

visiting back, but its bad i missed ur giveaway :D, hope u can find someone to share ur stuffs :)

Mitha Komala said...

a partner will be good to help you out but i think you should get an assistant instead, because ideas of ur partner may be differ from yours. good luck w ur business! <3

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Ayya Z. said...

So great to hear that you're doing well with your project!
I wish you even more luck to succeed even more!