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Monday, August 6, 2012
Btw, as you can see from the banner, I got SingingThumbelina logo changed :3

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm still so weak at logo design (or graphic design, in general):'( So yes, one day my friend saw my previous logo and said, "it could've been better", but my mind was so hectic to change logo that time and then, voila, he agreed when I asked him to help me design singingthumbelina logo. I only give him 2 logo that I like, which is burberry, and some local fashion brand. And I pretty surprised that he could interpret it right. To be honest, it was love at first sight, although we changed the font along the way, since I need fatter and younger font, but no doubt, I really love this logo :)

So this is the graphic-design service that he has. He works at Dubai right now, so all the communication would go by email and skype. He was my high school friend, or to be exact, we went to the same high school. LOL. We just knew each other when I'm in Japan, and he's in Dubai :))) He graduated from management studies but he's into art too. Well, talented, as you can see.
MAGIC HAT - design -
Magic Hat Design is my new freelancing design service, providing design solution for those who can not afford to pay "expensive and professional" design company but yet would like to experience the luxury of good design. Our work is not limited to any particular media. We are happy to work with either formal institution or single individual. Good design with affordable price, not cheap, but affordable… "If you think good design is expensive, look how much bad design cost."

I havent yet got the answer about public email contact from him(he's a VERY busy man), since I'm not sure which email that I can attach with this badge, but I'll update it later. You can also simply find this badge on my link list bar.


larkuchi said...

Hehehe thanks :)

Rean Mc said...

great blog. :)

Nat said...

Your logo is quite beautiful! Such a nice job :)