SingingThumbelina Airmail Box

Monday, August 13, 2012

This is it~ Singingthumbelina packaging~~~:3 I've always wanted ST to have a cute sturdy packaging that can be re-used:3 so, I'm so proudly present it:D SingingThumbelina airmail box!:) at first I've planned to make it by myself, but then my friend mentioned about his friends that have packaging business. So I decided to contact them and see how they can interpet my idea. it turned out just as cute as I imagined. The marker themselves love the idea and plans to sell my design by give me credit of the box name. Btw, the best part is their business is about recycling, so they actually got the boxes from photocopy store. So since I love the eco  philosophy and their cute design, I decided to use their boxes:) 

EcoCraft & Stuff merupakan usaha yang bergerak di bidang lingkungan, yaitu usaha daur ulang berbahan dasar limbah fotokopi. Limbah fotokopi yang dimaksud terdiri dari copy paper, kemasan copy paper, dan kardus copy paper bekas. EcoCraft & Stuff mengolah limbah fotokopi tersebut menjadi suatu barang yang fungsional dan siap pakai (nilai guna tinggi). PRODUK EcoCraft: Produk yang mayoritas bahannya merupakan limbah fotokopi dengan perbandingan minimal 70% limbah fotokopi dan 30% bahan baru (yang tersedia dipasaran). 

Although I could probably make the packaging by myself,  I found running business is not always about cutting the budget(by doing it ourselves) but also working and growing with other fellow entrepreneur:) that's the beauty of the industry:3 btw you can find then on EcoCraft and Stuff facebook group. I'll also put their badge on my link list below.

As you can see, I also have brand tag and name card now:) they're small items but they're really put a soul on SingingThumbelina:D one step out of time. I heard one quote about business that I found very inspiring. "Be Loyal to the Process":3 a very simple line but it means big to me:)

pardon Nuu's head, cant helped not to upload it ehee:3

PS: fyi , the boxes are only for those who buy blouses, dresses, and min 2 totebags:3

You can simply see my totebags, blouses, and dresses collection in here:)


Tere Ávila said...

great post honey, i really love your new stuff!

have a nice day!


colson said...

Quality is a brilliant idea skilful executed. This is another example. Something beautiful packed in something beautiful.