SingingThumbelina Autumn Collection

Monday, September 10, 2012

Detail about size and price, please visit singthumbelina facebook page:)

Mwhuahaha, yes I do realize I havent updated this blog for 1 month,  my bad:| it was a busy month,  But yesss =D I'm back so let's start the fun~

I just finished the first half of autumn collection. It's about girl and gadget (laptop and tablet) and a girl who read magazine. I'm thinking to add the 2nd half later next month. What dyou think? which one describe you:)?

I've been focusing on providing ready stock nowadays. Only for Tote Bag and Blouse though. I realize recently that I need to provide a ready stock to grow more. Btw, I also preparing for the illustrated clutch collection. Yeay. Excited:) I'm still thinking about the clutch design though. Any ideas:)?

Oh yes:( forgive me for the SingingThumbelina (SRT) inconsistency. I promise to improve it, quality and be more commit to the schedule! Gambarimassuuuu ><

Other news about me? well not much. It's been a very hot days lately and I got the heat-exhausted most of the time. Praying for the rainy season to come quick. I also met several old friend last month. Some of my friends live outside the Java Island and some live abroad. So, I met them once a year or even two years. One of my good friend just went to US for post doctoral program. We just met 3ish hour for the last 2 years, and for the next 2 or 3 years. Crazy, if I think about it. Been so melancholy the day when he left. I mean, I probably already married and have children when he's comeback. (aamiin for that:))) Crazy social life.But we're holding on:) Facebook and Skype really helps. LOL. Last but not least, dang hormonal up and down made me galau and think a lot about my last relationship. Well to make the story short. I realized how I got stupidly stuck these years. I just, then, traded him for my conscience. I miss the old me:( So I then traded him for myself. Sounds weird?:D well, that sounds like me:)

So yesssh, I'm back. LOL. again, fasten your seat belt and do enjoy the ride =)


colson said...

Guess you made considerable( moral and psychological) profits in the "trading" him for yourself..

Anyhow it really looks like you've been extremely busy ( and creative) lately. You definitely deserve (and will make I'm sure) handsome profits in business now.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

After about 4 months flying hours since The Soft Launching, I observe you have increased the quality of your fashion designs. Congratulation !

Eccy Rahma said...

your blog very nice..hehehe
This bag on sale? What does not exist pencil case or pouch?