Fixing a Broken Heart in Rainy Season :3

Sunday, October 7, 2012
Ihihi.. pardon weird title.

Anyway~ The rest of October agenda, like what I've been promising. 
The Rainy Days SRT is a simple reminder for you busy girls:)
don't catch a cold on (upcoming) rainy season this time :3

Mwhuahahahah, this Fixing a Broken Heart SRT is the first SRT that I've been thinking of, back when I decided I want to make newsletter about girl. I think this is the most popular topic in the 20s, don't you think so? Well, me myself try to survive them (many of them) until now. Tell you the truth I'm a kinda melancholy romantic girl, myself :3 I'm easily to fall in love, easilly get illfeel and not looking back:| AS WELL AS easily stuck in same love for years. Well. I hate it when there's no clear closure. I rather have a bitter, yet clear closure. Even if they were bitter, if they were clear closures, then you might see me getting along with the exes after couple month. I quite easily to forgive as well as to forget--if there were clear closures.

I've been trying to recover from the "unclear closure" relationship recently. It's getting easier nowadays, I must admit that. Although there still times I'm still questioning the facts, the whys, and the hows. But the fact now, we're done. Bad and good. We're done. I must admit it. Meh. I haven't (or to be exact, lose the appetite of) meeting someone new for a quite long time now (quite long--for my kind of self), I wonder if I ever had done the "accept" part yet. LOL. Should've listed the accept part in the last of the list, since that's the hardest thing to do. BUT. nevertheless, GAMBAROU. There're things that we cannot control, so let's try to live it best aja =D

So, for the next month SRT, any idea? :) for anyone who want to catch up the earlier october SRT agenda you can visit SingingThumbelina facebook :)

print it best on B5, the average size of school/college binder agenda =D If you have smaller binder, you can adjust the size when print it out :) and oh, do share it to your friends via facebook yaa


RaeAbigael said...

so fabulous! i love it! :)
visit my blog?

colson said...

Putting a full stop to a unsatisfactory relationship is hard, painful but the one sensible thing one can do.

Loosing appetite for new guys, new relationships is understandable but to me seems to be counter productive.

Among some 3 billion male humans at least some must be interesting and worthwhile :).

Indy Andrea Mumu said...

cute designs! you're so talented :D


Karina Dinda R. said...

Nice post dear! And I love rainy days :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

fhenny said...

that will make a cute print out!