Simple Potato Soup

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I got (some might will say weird) belief about attracting men through their belly (stomach--perut). Well it's not MY belief, it's a common--I dont know, javanese's belief? Well anyway. It started when I was in college. I think a very simple yet best way to let men know that we care, or we're thankful is with FOODS. lol. Well, I dont know but most of my guyfriends loves to eat. So instead of buying them gift(gadget is too expensive for daily dose care:p) I love to make them something to eat. For instance, macaroni schotel, I used to make that alot when I was younger (I'm became lazy now.. LOLOLOL) There're a time when I was also insisted my sister buy some foods for his guyfriend that live alone and got sick that time, and they're became couple not long after that:D now they're married:3 I'm a successful cupid. Also, when I'm studied at Japan, I once made a very simple corn cream soup for my sick foreign neighboor that I don't know to well that time (I have a big sympathy for those who live alone and got sick:((I know how that feel) well, soon after that there are (complicated) love story went on :3 hihihi.. food does do the miracle:|
So. Attract man with their belly is about showing them that you CARE they're eating well and happy. And I guess, woman is about caring, don't you think so?:)

I will made a series of simple recipe that you can do it yourself. Especially for student who live alone out there. I feel you. xoxo

again, best printed on B5 size paper or you can adjust the size and insert it on your binder agenda book:) More on on singingthumbelina facebook:)


Setyo-Utomo Said said... really know how to conquer the princes through their bellies !

colson said...

Funny :). My late mother (born in 1903 !) also used to say that "love of the men goes through the stomach". I guess it's a general, eternal, worldwide recipe :).

PS: I don't think the essential feminine thing is caring. It should be a human thing - men as well as women should be caring.

Meilina Utomo said...

@Dad: Maybe because you and Mom taught me unconsiously:))?

@Colson: aamiin for that Sir:)