Tree of Totes

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tree of totes~<3 :3=":3" br="br">
Last month order that needed to be finished in a week..Giri2 safe~~ :))
one of my cat got sick during that week, so I got so distracted and tired... he didnt make it btw.... dont ask, I'm still so sad about it :( before that his brother got sick too, and then his sister too, so yes, these past two/three weeks I was busy taking care my furr babies, but ThankGod the other kids are survived. 

Jakarta weather is kinda cruel nowadays. It's extremely hot at day, and sometimes extremely cold at night (and yes, the extremely temperature changing is not good). My Dad even have to move from his room coz his small room is extremely hot--and no, air conditioning or fan is not the solution for my 'grandpa Dad' :p so he moved to a larger room. My other cat even had dehidration because she insisted to live outside for 3 days in row--not coming home:| but ThankGod she's survived after a quite long treatment. This reminds me, let's put a bowl of water outside, coz who knows, some stray cats might need it to survive. Huhu, the weather is harsh for human and animal, so I hope we all survive this...

So that's my story =D ahahaha, if it's not about fashion-art, I'm talking about cats.. so predictable me yah:3 well... I did rambling more random on twitter though. LOL.

Now I need to get some sleep~~
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