Memorizing Tips

Friday, November 16, 2012

Print it (best on B5 size) and insert it on your binder agenda:) Enjoy and share it to your friend ya:)

T^T I got sick this earlier of the week. Huhuhu. That would be my excuse for the late that I made.
NOW! my brain is getting a bit overload about drawing and design, I think I need to give my self a cleaning-the-house-procrastination this weekend. A productive procrastination that I found wont make me feel too guilty. I dont know why, my house is become unbearly messy after 2-3month =__= I need a good organizing tips of housing~~

So anyway, enjoy :)
You can check out the rest of the agenda on SingingThumbelina facebook btw, and feel free to click share and share it to your facebook friends:)

Cao for now. Oyasumi ^,^


febrina utami putri said...

what a creative post! all the borders look so lovely :)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

I am proud of your creativity in the work of art, especially in fashion design

complicated said...

hello darling :) thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog I've been following you

merapu said...

thanks for the info on how to memorize. It's very useful. Huhu

stylemoca said...

Your blog is so sweet! I will be following :)