Therapeutic Chores

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's been a wonderful cleaning-up-the-house weekend:3 although definitely not every week, I enjoy cleaning up and rearrange things up once in a month or two, since I have my own room, which is 11years old. For me, it gives a therapeutic feeling while and after doing it:3

I cleaned up my room, books shelves and my work area--which has 3 different spot which is sewing, drawing, and computerizing areas. I ended up loving several fave spots that I arranged.

First pic is my Dad bookshelf. He has alot vintage book about technical things, and I found some of them are pretty so I decorated them with my vintage clocks collection.

The second pic is our dictionary section. My Dad has rumanian as his third language as I have japanese as my 3rd language, so we have quite alot dictionary. Beside english, kanji books, japanese, rumanian, german, dutch, italian, some are rumanian-something I even could recognize the language xD
I put my Dad's snowballs collection on that rack, some of them are mine. It supposed to be at my Dad's room, but it's covered with his paper and random things. So I thought they need a more decent place :p

Last pic is my dresser. I dont know since when I become not so fond to make up, I have a very little make up collection now, so I just put them on the rack below and turned my dresser to my temporary fave books space. They used to stack on top of my bed, they have better place now. And oh I might make a different post of the old photos that I put on the mirror, coz I found it so cute to share:3

It's been raining these couple days and I just love it. I love rain and I love autumn where there are alot of rain and earthy colors. I even dont mind the mud, the undry laundry.. I love how it gives me serene feeling even with the dark thundery rain atmosphere. Well, basicly I love it, the greyish blur colors, because it feels like I'm not in Jakarta :3 ehee, I dreamt alot about living abroad since I was a child, and when I did experience it, I'm happy to know that rainy season is indeed the closest thing we have in common with 4 season country:3 well.. there are also summer and dry season, but dry season here in Jakarta feels so sad and grumpy, not like in Japan when summer means alot of festival and unique food:3

Yeah, I must admit, I do miss Beppu. That small green hills village. But most of the time I also feel content that I'm home. With my Dad, my family, my cats, building career at something that I like, it feels so good I just want to treasure it well, instead of really dwell on the fact that I do hope I'll go there again sometimes:3 but I will one day!! If I'm not lazy doing the visa thing. Ahahhha xD


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colson said...

A real feel good post. Gee, I congratulate your father on having such a loving and empathic daughter :). The snowball collection... touching detail.

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amalia aira said...

the photos is sooo vintage, i love it XD
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tell us more about that, and Beppu too *because i dont know anything about Beppu :)

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Loving these pictures! xx

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Originality is your power in fashion design. Congratulation !

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sometimes its really nice when cleaning. because the result is always more beautiful place than before :D
and also some space.
I envy you that you ever been in Beppu :D

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cute post!


Claireta Teressa said...

cute post!


Claireta Teressa said...

cute post!


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