Waiting For You

Friday, November 9, 2012
I stayed up until 3 am doing this animation:)) well it took only couple hours to actually make it, but the uploading and the revision etc etc, meh, took 12 hours to actually able to share it. I tried not to be so nocturnal :( but recently my mood rise as the sky become darker :| the (bad) effects are plenty, to be honest. I woke up tired. Cranky. and feel dumb :| men, I'm trying to force my self to have normal work habit. At least, if I want to work at night, I should be able to start at 6pm and really stop myself on 12pm. Well, for works that related to sewing and crafting, I actually rather do it in the morning and afternoon, but I don't know why, on the illustration and digital art part, I become nocturnal type:( why oh why brain? And this week is my illustration and digital art week, so I became a zombie this past one week -__-

Anyway, this is the screen capture of the simple animation that I did last night.

Click play and tell me what do you think =D

I really love the piano. It's Yoko Kanno - You. 
I heard it 3 years ago, when I watch Honey and Clover anime.

It's been awhile since I make animation/stopmotion, I'm glad I made this:) I chose to focus on a simple animation, rather than complicated ones, so I can actually done it without violate my other work deadlines:| Back in the days (and now still?), my Dad, actually wants me to be an animator, and I did want to be an animator. But then, after tried to do these and those of it, I rather done a simple animation/stopmotion or to be exact, slide show?:)) compare to the very detailed or the 3D one. The drawing motion does intrigue me, since it's indeed speak in a very special way, not to forget the music that goes with it.. but I don't know about doing 100 drawing for 5 second. It's not in my blood, the patience of doing that :|

I actually have thought about this quite long. My dream is to have some book illustration animations, the longer story, more detailed illustration, maybe in 5 or 10 minutes. The one that moms can show their kids before sleeping, or for girls to watch it and feel more happy and grateful about themselves and their love.
Well, I am a very romantic artist in some way :) Romans is my favorite genre, after gothic :| although I look casual and abit boyish in some way, I do feel romantic in art :)

So after done the rest of SRT November and some commision this weekend, I'll start to do SingingThumbelina envelop pouch and book cover collection next week! ^0^ yeay, tanoshimi~ I also looking forward for the healthy work time :)))))

PS: I forgot to upload the photoshoot results :| I did upload it on SingingThumbelina facebook. I'll upload it here later on, okay:)


colson said...

Nice and Sweet.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Guess this event has been inspired by the cold white snow when you were in Japan. It's really "Nice and Sweet" as Colson said.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Guess this event was ispired by the cold white snow in winter during your stay in Japan. It's really "Nice and Sweet" as Colson said.

bona said...

Just "wow" for ur drawing..
always makes me speechless when I see someone's creativity..

JAL. said...

this so sweet :) and yeah, you really have the talent .. drawing illustration :)

merapu said...

talented. Love it. (=