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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yep yep. It seems that we will see alot of chessboard around. LouisVuitton launch their signature chessboard pattern collection for summer 2013, basicly long and short dresses. I'm not sure that they have trousers though, but I decided to adopt the pattern for inspiration looks for hijabee. So I find long trouser that has straight line cut looks so elegant, I chose to designed one with the chessboard pattern.

I'm not a fashion school graduate btw, so you dont have to trust me. Lol. Just designing what might looks good on hijab, my sense of style.

Ehee, I'm doing this fashion article thingy because I'm practicing drawing hijab, it's harder than I thought:/ I'll have several these hijab style inspiration more coming. So, if you're interested to see more dont forget to add me as your friend:) btw, I'm doing the followingback (from pc) once in a week or so, if I lost in track, please do say so.. (°д°) sometime it gets error I dont know if I made it or not.
if you want to see more realtime update (lol) you can see it through my SingingThumbelina facebook. I have some illustration there that I havent upload it here. Coz it easier to upload them there once I'm finished the work.

Anyway, because I was busy doing portfolio website I completely forgot to do SRT for januari!! (°д°) チョー悪いね I'm sorry for that, I hope I can share it this monday though.. I'll be sharing a print-out-yourself illustrated calendar too, well, the illustrations are the ones that I did these several month though.. I hope it's okay:3

Yosh. Time for me to log off now. Thank you for dropping by:) いつもありがとうございます。


nourash said...

wow ,,,,,,,,chessnutz hmmm must have item for 2013 right ?

Ayah CaR said...

This is really it is!