My Commuter Crush [Patas84]

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I’ve told you on the previous post before, my (project)office is pretty far from my home. I’m in the south side of Jakarta, and the office is at the far east side. There’s a bus that took me to that area. But because the commuters are not as much the regular one, the bus only show up per one hour. After 2 months, I became familiar with the driver, co-driver, the musician, and even the passengers. I try not to be so stalkish here, but there’s one man that caught my eyes. He's probably around 30s. We take the same departure time. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can see him inside the bus(there’s 100ish people inside), but most other time I just saw him when he’s leaving the bus.  Today I have the chance to see him quite clearly since he sat two row in front of me (we both took the corridor seat). And I, with my spontaneous mind decided that, I want to draw him.

I’m not really a fashionista, but I do enjoy see the effortless-fashionable people around me. And surprisingly, I found myself approving every single thing that he wears:3 (I’m not always easy-approving like that). Overall he looks like a worker. White stripes shirt, grey trousers(I like the fabric that he choose). I’m guessing what makes him different are the apparels he chooses. He wears a big wrist watch that look young, tough and bold. He wears a not-too-dark-not-too-light, brown jacket, the fabric looks abit tick, but really give that tough look on him. His shoes is the long toe one that I normally don’t like, but remarkably looks good on him. Maybe because he’s quite petite for a guy, probably 168-170ish, the shoes kinda works well on him. What I also like from him is his sleeves bag. It’s not the leather bag that men wear a lot. It’s a grey jeansy-fabric bag with the touch of leather on it.

It’s funny, but I imagine maybe some soulmates might have met this way.  On a train, on a bus. Started with their silent companion to start the day, or to end the day. The quite thoughts. The thoughts that everyone in this bus/train has their tireness of work, bittersweet love, joy over dreams. Everyone is striving. To smile. To love and to be loved.

He might have fiance, he might be married, he might have children, he might not notice. But he might be single, he might love cats, he might be the one, as we might, one day, have the chance to sit side by side on that bus one day. I don’t know, but for now, I’ll just let the story continue.


colson said...

Endearing story :). Loved it.

I might add on a personal note that as much as I probably would have wanted otherwise, I'm afraid I would have failed your test when I was thirty :). Mainly because I usually didn't travel by bus, but also because, thouhg being "Petite" also, I wore non of the male fashion-afrodisiacs you describe:(.

I should have known better at the time :).

Meilina Utomo said...

@Colson: well, not every groomed man caught my eyes, I'm telling that for sure. I tend not to like too dandy person. But maybe he has the right balance. Groomed and Machoness. *kyaa kyaa~ :) *blushing

Aulia Amalina said...

Hii, Are living in Japan?

Meilina Utomo said...

I lived there once:D for 4 years college. But rite now I'm back in beloved Indonesia:')