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Thursday, April 18, 2013


MIKA - I See You

I'm sitting across from you. 
And dreaming of the things I do 
I don't speak, you don't know me at all.

For fear of what you might do 
I say nothing but stare at you. 
And I'm dreaming 
I'm trippin' over you.

Truth be told 
My problems solved. 
You mean the world to be but you'll never know.  
You could be cruel to me 
While we're risking the way that I see you. 
That I see you [3x]
That I see

Not me at all.  
I'm hesitating 
Only to fall.  
And I'm waiting, I'm hating everyone.

Could it be you fell for me? 
And any possible similarity 
If its all, how would I know? 
You never knew me at all but I see you.  
But I see you..


PS: now I finally understand why Mika made this song (and james blunt for his "you're beautiful" song). Lol. Sometimes love and attraction just come that way.


Inge Lakawa said...

oh its a song xD beautiful xD

visit my blog ^^

colson said...

Nice lyrics indeed.

And you're still on the same bus with the same particular passenger obviously :))).

(PS: There is a choice. Waiting. Or making a pass yourself. Being Caucasian I would advise for the second option.)

Aditya said...

Wawings, you good speak English. Hm.. Are you designer?? Spirit sist...!