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Saturday, April 6, 2013

日本語懐かしくて 、今日のブロッグは日本語と英語に書こうと思う。実は最近、ちょー日本に戻りたい。旅行に行くじゃなくて、また日本で生活したい気持ちがずっと最近感じてる。もちろん、一般的な日本会社に働きたくないけど。LOL。まあ、外国人が多い、国際雰囲気が強い会社に勤めたい。最近そのような会社が増えてるみたいだ。“また日本に戻りたい“と本当に思わなかったよ。あの大学生時代はとても辛くて疲れた、寂しかったよ。今の私は、好きな仕事をやってる、SingingThumbelinaのおしゃれ店を立ってる、12匹猫も飼ってる。なぜ急に、日本に戻りたい気持ちがあるのだな?変でしょうね、人の気持ちって。

Below is not the translation of what I wrote in Japanese:p different story, different mind.

I never thought that being balance is hard. I thought I was balance--well, before I took this recent graphic design project. As much as I love doing what I love doing for work (graphic design+ SingingThumbelina business) I do enjoy being idle, think nothing, and sleeping with my cats. For now, I can balance two things: idling and my graphic design project works:3 I’m still working on my mood on SingingThumbelina. ORZ. I KNOW. I should’ve prepared spring collection, which I haveeeen’t. I did made the master grand of SRT articles&illustration theme for 2013.  One of my friend blamed on Jakarta weather this past 1 month, he said it might affect our mood. But, for one who cannot work in hot room,, I think recently Jakarta weather was just fine. It's not as hot as that dry season.

I tried to do some exercise to build my mood. But nothing significant happened :p I’m still lazy. lol. Well maybe the exercise is not too exercise XD I just add my KM on walking. Well, the thing that quite works for me now, is to remind myself why I chose to take this path. Journaling. Remembering the goals, remembering the time limitation. I must admit I do forgot them a lot, since I’m a single fighter--no one reminds me. I rarely have friends to brainstorming.  Well, most of my friends are in psychology field so we don't chat about business that much. Maybe I really need to build my networking on creativepreneur. And how would I do that ka na… :/?

Anyway, first week of April SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts!! Tell you the truth, I supposed to upload the 4 weeks agenda at once, but…… No:| I haven’t done it that far. *Bletakkk

I hope you guys enjoy reading it. You can share it to your facebook friend from SingingThumbelina facebook page. Sorry about the watermark lah, as well as I love sharing, I become pretty protective on my works. Hihi.

I’ll give you another updates on my cats & kitten photos btw. LOL. I used to upload it a lot here, I wonder why I stopped doing that.

See ya all, have a nice week!

Print best for B5 size agenda :)


colson said...

He, hey, hey. Why such a critical review of your productivity???

You're way too tough on yourself, if you ask me. Quite opposite to what you write, my impression is you're obviously very creative, versatile, and prolific. And unique.


fhenny said...

lovely agenda filler!

AuL Howler said...

couldn't understand the txt (kanji? katakana?)

hi hi hi

awesome design as usual!

Inge Lakawa said...

omg exercise -.- males banget. setiap malem sebelum tidur aku bilang ama diriku, besok bangun pagi olahraga.. besoknya.. ngorok sampai siang xD
good luck. semangat kyk gt emang hrs dateng dari hati xD

visit my blog ^^

Andudei Hardyanta said...

nice blog.. thanks for visting mine.

Sakuranko said...

All are lazy sometimes!
Really cute design.