Tips and Tricks for Healthy Eyes (SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

the next April SRT =D I choose this subject also to remind myself to take care my eyes coz I see blur-er everyday =( and I don't like using glasses too long because it give me an headache. I cant wear contacts, coz I'm to scare to stick something on my eyes:))). Anyway, I hope these tips and tricks are useful for you=) Print best on B5 paper to insert on your binder agenda :)

Well, I've nothing big to update recently,,, except that (Thank God) I started to groom myself again:| Honestly, it might partly because my commuter crush Hachiyon-sama:)))) other reason might be, I've taken well my 3 years break:) Well, nothing big change tho. I'm still me. But maybe with an open heart now:) it's funny how a stranger--which I don't even know his name, can help you make that big leap on your stage of live ^^;

Anyway, catch up with you later =D Maomao my kitten has already slept beside my keyboard. She makes me feel sleepy too -,-

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colson said...

I wish you have/had a refreshing sleep :).

Milex said...

just wow <3

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wow! nice info <3


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Very cool! I need some good refreshing sleep these days. New follower for sure :) <3

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