Accept Yourself!

Friday, May 31, 2013

I've been bullied when I was in elementary school. I'm growing up in quite "chaos" support system condition. People were busy surviving that time, didn't realizing what I've (the mini me) been through, but I'd accepted and respected that now--I've through my angry "where have you been?" phase. Now I accepted what life had brought me that time. I mean, most of big people have hard past. I guess life wanted me to grow bigger also =p

After graduating from senior highschool, things were settling down, and I finally have the chance and the strength to pick up my pieces and built it brick to brick. Some might said I'm a late bloomer. It took (longer) time for me to really understand and accept myself. Maybe I finally did it on 2008-2009, I'm not sure which turning point to be point at. I have several turning point in life so far. I guess by seeing my character now, people wont able to see how messed up I was. How much tears I've been shed (maybe that's why I don't cry easy now. I guess I'm leveled up :p?) It's been a hard fight. Fighting myself and my thoughts are the hardest fight.

In every self-revolution, there always will be the "blaming" phase, blaming other, blaming ourself. But I think it's normal. I say, took your/our time to do it. But then always remember, we're the one who hold the wheel now. No matter what past might have brought us, we're the one who choose which road we want to take it. We're the one who chose how we want to feel. And whatever future have for us, remember we chose that road, and be brave taking all the risk. Just keep on walking and pray for guidance. We'll eventually arrive there.

Let's be strong, be brave, and keep on walking :)


Ilham Pratama said...

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great words, you're so inspiring! x

colson said...

It's sad experience children and young adults should be safe from, no matter what the ultimate rewards may be later on in life( and I feel sorry for you).

Yet it's great you've managed to change negative into positive! :)

PS: A high quality Mexican film on the subject of bullying has been released recently:

blackberryfashion said...

beautiful post :)

Ann said...

This is an inspiring post
a nice read.
Good thing you didn't dwell on self-pity and choose to be positive.

Inge Lakawa said...

thats beautiful :D yes be strong!

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Caroline Susanto said...

lovely post dear ^^

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M. Sofyan Daud said...

Great words, you're so inspiring!

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Adeayu Hadijah said...

I've been bullied to in elementary school, junior high school, :') the worse in jhs. Fortunately I've been strong since senior high school.
I love your words, "blaming is normal"
Yes lest be strong!