Birthday Post! :3

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy birthday to me! \(^0^)/ do send me good thoughts and wishes yaa :)

Well, the post has no relation with birthday theme though, I havent prepared any with birthday theme coz I didn't expect to post anything today. But here I am :p posting update.

I'd given up with schedule-theme of SRT :| maybe later on I would do it again, in more neat manner. But for now, allow me to make these kind of free layout. I know it can't be printed, unless you really like the topic and want to read it once in a while. But let it be. LOL. the schedule-layout kinda hold me to try different layout, so I thought I need to release my own boundaries that I make.

I wake up with kinda gloomy feeling. Bad thing about having goals per your birthday/age, is you must admit the failure itself on your birthday. I need to stop doing that :| Maybe I'll use the goals for new year resolution for now :))

Well, another one thing that might make me sad today is the macbook I want :(((((( there's a big chance I might have to look another one.. :( *by the way, I'm purchasing the second one--not the new one. I need to buy this and that, and don't want to give up that "this and that" just because I want to buy the brand new mac :)) Wish me to find another new target with good deal ya :) if anyone from you from Jakarta and thinking about to sell your mac and get a new one, please do let me know :D ihihihi... -.- it's not easy to find a good deal for mac here in Indonesia. Been looking to find second mac from my friends, but no one want to sell them yet :| Even after they had it for 5 years, they still in love with theirs. *envy *my laptop straight died on its fifth years. Well. I don't know. Maybe life wants me to spend more on buying the new one. LOL. Let's see how this going lah.

:) Anyway, hope you like the article above though. If you want to share it to your facebook, just go to SingingThumbelina facebook page and share it from there:)

Have a nice sunday and see you on the next post =)


colson said...

Happy, happy birthday Meilina! A great day and a great year ahead. I wish you all the happiness one can wish for, all the creativity a human being can hope for, all the stamina a woman needs and all the success you deserve.

PS: An Apple isn't the(only) way to E-paradise :).

Morgan Nascimento said...

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Sakuranko said...


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habiba pratiwi said...

kkk, maybe you have to bring the new one, it so difficult to find the second one. If im not mistake, mitha komala has a macbook, maybe she wanna sell it for you, hehe. Just follow her twitter @mithakomala.
Anyway joyeux annyversaire meilina, hope you can get what you want, and be better than before.
Nice to see you in my blog dear :)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...


Tiananda said...

Nice article about wardrobe-working space :D
I wish I have a big wardrobe hehehehe

Anyway, although it's very very late, happy birthday yaaaa ^^