Half of 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How’s the 6 months of 2013 been doing to me? Well, pretty good I think. I’ve learnt some new things, meet new people—whom most of them I don’t follow up later. LOL. I’m the kind of person who does networking by heart, not quantity. There’re days when I just try not to think much, coz I realized I could just gave up for the tireness, the dissapoinment, but hey, I’m here so far, surviving Jakarta. Pray for me, people!! LOL. Oh, Jakarta I see you as hard as Tokyo, to be honest. Ohh how I wish I could start doing my own creativebusiness and stay away from the traffic(and gossip). Anyway, that photo was taken when I’m doing a TVC with Andre Taulany and Nunung, Indonesian comedian. You should able to see the commercial around next month.

For those who has reading my blog since year one, I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve become more more more gembel than when I was in Japan? Well, not anymore. LOL. It’s good to see that I’m back on the fashion track :') I become more aware of things I wear, not only "I’ll wear anything that I could find on my drawer". Anyway, I’ve seen this jumpofpaper bag photo randomly on facebook in 2012. At first they don’t sell this in Indonesia, but I really wanted them so bad, so I promise myself I’ll purchase it somehow, someday. Months after, I found this bag online!! I honestly don’t know whether this is the real one or KW one, but it’s resemble the one that in photo:D so I’m pretty happy I able purchased it online here in Indonesia!XD

I have 3 new stray kittens coming to my home—one of them nearly die for drowning at drainase, the doctor needed to do surgery coz his tail is so badly injured, the doctor told me they need to cut the tail off and oh, I fainted on that clinic. I think I might’ve panic attack, and the white-blood(nanah?) was so severe, I just cant helped myself not to faint when I see it. I never thought I was that weak with bloody thing, but it seems that I am. Anyway, the next two of the strays are half-persian, I don't know why people nowadays throwing a lot of breed cat in the street. I mean, I’ve found 3 stray cats half Persian+Anggora in 3 years. But anyway, alhamdulillah, my cats doing healthy and loving as always. In real life, I don’t talk that much, so having a lot of quiet companions means a lot for me. LOL.

And about my SingingThumbelina offline shop, well, that’s the sad side of the update story because, I haven’t yet got the time and mood to really doing it. I might’ve been too tired, too sick, or simply, too lazy.  It’s been 6 months and none progress. Well, not so none, I finally got my vendor friend to help me do the production, so I guess that will be the first step(that I already made). I keep the illustration more complex and the colors more simple now. Let’s hope I can design things that you would loveJ

Hachiyonsama aka Randy-sama? Well… this kinda awkward but, I don’t know what to update xD If I say nothing happened, well to tell you the truth, I don’t know for sure if things really not happening—behind my knowledge. I’m not too sure if my friend(my friend’s husband is his bestfriend) already told him that I’m ‘attracted’ to him coz, I said don't tell him yet, but I’m not sure now whether she has told him or not. I kinda shy to ask about him again to her :| So, honestly I don’t know. LOL. I also haven’t yet decided whether I want these to continue or not, and I somehow feel he'll might feel the same. Awkward. Unsure. Not sure. Not definitely know. Yet. Well I know that sounds a bit sad but surely I say, if it meant to be, then our heart somehow will find away finding each other. But if it’s not meant to be, then the heart won’t come in one track. There’ll be no chemistry. I try not too disappoint coz I somehow, at this phase, only wants the best for me, for my Dad, for my family, and for also for them who share a bit romantical story with me. I’ve stopped pushed MY feeling on other, try to force them eat it—I used to do it when I was younger, to know, in the end you’ll get nothing, coz you’re dancing all alone. It takes two to tango

That’s it. Now I want to go home:D I’m at my office. I’m waiting for your update also, sorry not been able to blogwalking these days. I hope you’re doing great! J
Love - Mei


Caroline Susanto said...

cute kittens dear ^^

I'm holding an international giveaway on my blog, dear!
Win an item on you choice from Persunmall :D
I hope that you can join in too!
Thank you very much !


colson said...

Wow, an very interesting and positive entry. A few things I'm sure will turn bright,many things I can totally sympathize with ("networking by heart, not quantity") and one which left me wondering; what is this thing which makes women addicted to bags:"I’ve seen this jumpofpaper bag photo randomly on facebook in 2012. At first they don’t sell this in Indonesia, but I really wanted them so bad"? :).

Diaswari Predani said...

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sweet and sugars,

Ruby and Rosa said...

where did you get that kittens? so cute :3

Love a bunch,

Yulie Kendra said...

nice post & great blog :)

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Many greetings <3


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Those kittens are so cute! <3 xx


Claireta Teressa said...

great post!


June L. said...

I think it's absolutely lovely and so kind hearted of you to take care of these cats! (I would've fainted if I went to the vet with them as well, ahha) Their story is so sad, it's horrible that people throw away living, breathing animals! ;n; But you're nice for taking care of them <3

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Sakuranko said...

You´re really interesting sweetie!


Annesya said...

hei lovely blog and lovely kittens :)

Kyra said...

I totally loved this post!!! Really great inspiration! tell me if you would like to follow each other! I follow you back for sure - Lots of Love, Kyra♡

Milex said...

that's just beyond.

Feby Oktarista Andriawan said...

Very cute kitten, give me one, please! :D

fashionistas stop said...

Love your blog and this post is amazing!

Following you..hope you'll do the same!
New post is up.
Surabhi :)

Juniper said...

Cute kittens! It's so nice that you're taking care of them :)


Delilah said...

Your kittens are so cute I wanna hug them x3


AuL Howler said...

Good luck for everything!

You can do it kak!
Keep it up!

Cuuuuuuute kittens

Sofija T said...

Such a great post, it's very different than the stuff I usually read! Love your blog... :)


Michèle Kruesi said...

owww little cats <3