Moving On and Falling in Love. (at the same time).

Sunday, July 28, 2013
if I fall for you, I'll never recover.

Quick doodle I made for my catarsyst media. I also made the stopmotion of it on my youtube. I'll attached it later if I uploaded it. Sorry if it’s too gloomy for you. I always heal this way, I mean through artworks. Although it might look too gloomy or too sad for other, I must admit after drawing out my emotion out, my heart become much-much lighter. Like what I feel now. I’m not in that phase anymore. I think drawing helps me overcome and face the emotions and eventually, let it out. I was sad or I’m sad, I won’t be ashamed to admit it. But I’m fine =D Anyway, that also might be the update ending also for the commuter crush story I wrote lately. Hoho,,

I won’t be updating SRT these next weeks, because I’m now focusing on ST 2013 collection design illustrations. Orz. It feels not right saying 2013 since 2013 is 5 months left. Orz. Graaaaoo xD This years feels way too fast, don’t you think so? K

How’s your holiday so far:D? I’m looking forward to mine, although kinda nervous since August will be quite my busy-travelling month. I hope my body would cooperating well. Ah, I haven’t write blog about it yet, but I fainted (again) early this monthK  I think it has to do with my blood pressure, I don’t know why, it become lower and lower like when I was in highschool. I used to have quite normal blood pressure this past 10 years, that’s why I really don’t know why it dropped again these past months. Maybe my body is tired, but my mind say I’m not coz I’ve been more more more tired than this before. So, that’s quite a dilemma. Have a balance life is kinda tricky, huh?

Okay this would be my quick update for now. Wish you’ll have a wonderful holiday guys~


Putri Valentina said...

Great pics!


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colson said...

Wow. Isn't is beautiful and moving. And wise :). I love it ( and envy you for your talents).

Hope you'll survive Jakarta public transport and have ( very well deserved) perfect holidays afterwards :).

By the way: you shouldn't mess with your health. So see a doctor asa.

Milex said...


Milex said...

I love it all

fhenny said...

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Agenss said...

Your blog is amazing!

Jane said...

wow. you're super talented!

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