Dream Wedding

Monday, August 19, 2013
Hihi, I'm at the office right now, and in the mood of sharing this video I found video on youtube in 2009, couple weeks after they've been uploaded.

 I was 4 years younger when I first saw this vid. And always said to myself, I really want to have that kind of wedding. Along the way, I became more and more realized it took a very "unusual couple" to do that kind of wedding. A true (unusual) soulmate, with unusual friends. Well, I know I definitely dont want to do it when the ijabkabul ceremony. But for wedding reception, tell you the truth, this is still my dream wedding entrance. I think this is how a wedding should be, light and fun =D

Sometimes, if I feel down. Wondering where's the half of me, or how does it feels, to fall in love to the other half side of me, I came back seeing this vid. It never fail to give that warmth:').. Basicly I want to have my own family, and to do that, I have to find the perfect pilot, I know I should find the pilot first and then thinking to have my own family. But no, honestly, I want to start my own little family, and with who, that still a big question.

I don't know, whether the day I regret my choices to say no to ones I can't imagine I live with, will come. That desperate day, "oh I should've this, I should've that". Or I might be grateful I've waited. I don't know. But seeing this vid, as seeing my cats, really tells me that I should be more patient and wait a little longer. I'm too unusual.

I know I should be grateful for what life has brought me. I should take the risk of my own decision. I should be more patient, ikhlas, and tawakal. I'm sure everything is on the right track, I just have to believe it more and more :D

Love and soulmate is a mystery :3 and it's a good feelings, and good inspiration for writing novel (ihihihi)

See you on the next post:D


kacamatamia said...

Ahaha... i love the vid, :). I think the feeling is good, dear. When I was single I used to imagine that i am one of the characters in jane austen's novel trying to pursue the love of my liife. Hehehe..

colson said...

Don't worry. In my opinion. whether married or single, lust for life just depends on oneself :).

Btw. You convinced me: I use to have doubts, but now I think a wedding actually can be fun :))).

AuL Howler said...

I'm a kind of ordinary boy.
I think i don't have any plans or dream about how my wedding will be.

but i want the ordinary wedding, maybe


Cylia said...

that is such an awesome idea.. dancing into the church :) lovee.

Roos Kor said...

I really love the video!



Ileana said...

This is such an amazing wedding entrance! Loved it...
and do not worry, one day I will be watching your wedding's entrance video :)


Lidia Vinnikova said...

what a lovely post, was really interesting to read!)
Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me! <3

Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me! <3

Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me! <3

g.ta said...

love the video..you should be able to have fun on your wedding day!! =`))


JAL. said...

true :) God made us unique .. why don't we be thankful for it? I'm sure you'll have a great great wedding as u wish ..