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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

=D This is the bag I've been fascinated in, these couple months. I love how it pop out, like my pop out personality:p Well.. my personality isn't that pop out as I'm not that sanguine, but I guess it's quite unique xD ahahahah,,, it's the first fashion item(beside SingingThumbelina clothing line:p) that I actually want to blog about, fashionably xD

At first I wanted that "travel bag" one. It was the first photo of jumpfrompaper bag that I've found by coincidence. The orange is the second bag that I want... (and now there's one more bag that I want):3 I got the orange first, and then the travel bag. They say if you really want something so bad, and keep it in mind, you'll eventually get it (that's why be careful of your negative thoughts also). =D and yes, while buying the orange one, I kinda hope one day I'll able to buy the travel bag also. And alhamdulillah I did:3 The orange one is smaller than I thought, and the travel bag is bigger than I thought:)) Not as I expected but, I'm so grateful to finally have both :') I heard that there is a store that sells them in Bandung rite now, I'm dont know for sure tho' since I bought it online, the online itself only sells limited number of bags.

How about my creative process update? well, first of all, I'm soooo missing doing SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts articles:( but unfortunately, I have this target, to be done with SingingThumbelina design first, before doing ANYTHING--I even hesitate to take other freelance project for now. So I kinda feel a bit stuck now. I try to play music instruments again--I'll put a blog about that later-- but the more I try to use time for "brain refreshment", I kinda feel guilty afterwards. It seems that I'm PROCRASTINATING O_O;; I dont know, I try to do it, outside agency project days, but I seems cannot (yet) put out something a design that I comfortable with.  I heard that perfectionism is also a form of fear of the future; as I know the illustration design is the key whether SingingThumbelina clothing line is going to run well, or not. OOOOHHHH just to think about it already makes me feel anxious again :| 

Before, I'd only taken pre order, to make some designs for friends' colleagues, seminar, or farewell thingy. I did make some ready stock and put out in several friends of mine to sell them, but in much2 smaller scale. This ready stock method is kinda make me scare xD therefore I become more-more perfectionist with the ideas coming out--which made the ideas aren't coming out at all. Ah, irony.

Okay! That's my quick update. Anyway, I also already made some illustrations, with a bit of "surprise"on. hehe,, I'll post it on the next post soon:3 so stay tuned! :D


colson said...

Perfectionism may be a burden, but also is the ultimate quality. It may hamper speed, but it improves satisfaction with the result :).

I definitely will stay tuned! :)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Think you should update your fashion design illustration especially in YouTube

Milex said...

well one my dear

Chahrazad said...

Both bags look really pretty.


Inge Lakawa said...

i like the bag >.< i want to have one like that

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Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute bags!

Pip said...

Thanks for your comment and stopping by dear! Have a good day!
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Anita Putri said...

thank you for loving my blog :)

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Bernadette Czle said...

loving those bag, so cute! xx

Sheila Christie said...

i love your outfit, its so pretty!

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Sheila Christie said...

nice post! <3

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Sheila Christie said...

nice post! <3

please visit http://sheilachristie.blogspot.com/ for daily dose of glam for your nails!