When Things Didn't Work Out (SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hehehehe at laaaast~~ SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts!

I felt abit rusty here and there, since probably last time I made one was 6 months ago!! O_O omg. I miss blogging so muuuuuch. Hehe.. a lot of things happened in 2013, I must say this year was quite fluctuative of goods and bads, which is good. I felt that 2013 grew me a lot ^0^

Ok first of all, I finally made SRT in English, so that I can send the elaborated-indonesian one to teen magazines. This path is new for me, before I was designing print ad or advertorial for magazine, lately I really want both my writings and illustrations to appear somewhere on magazineXD ahaha, well, still long way to go, but “that way” is starting now =D Please pardon my English tho’, before I hesitated to write English in “JPEG” mode, but then I thought, hey, I really want to share this article to wideworld, I’m sure most of you fine with the grammatical errors—some wont tho’ *bitingnails* Well, I promise I’ll be working on my English T^T dun know why I feel worse and worse these years. Maybe because lately I use it careless without thinking—not like when I had to write a paper or something xD~~~

I chose this topic coz, like I said before, 2013 was pretty fluctuative of goods and bads for me. It felt like it was a boothcamp for my patience and positive thinking skill. A lot of crying going on this year. For the tireness, brokenhearted, misunderstood, frustration, and such. Hihi. So I thought I should share to you guys, what made me survive.

Anyway, have you made new year resolution for 2014 yet? I haven’t yetL I probably gonna do it on the 1st, or 2nd Jan, since I still have works tomorrowXD~~ honestly, I almost couldn’t believe that 2013 is gonna be over tomorrow night. It brings me that bittersweet feeling. Bitter coz, half of my 2013 resolutions aren’t achieved yet!! =((( I hope I can done them in 2014 ^^; But of course, I’m still happy for the new year tho’, a new fresh beginning.

I really wish for a better, beautiful, inspiring year ahead! ^0^ For you all too, have a nice year ahead,  forget the bad things happened before (well, learn then forget), and also keep the inspirations spread, girls!

^0^ Happy New You~ <3 comment-3--="">
Love, Meilina


colson said...

Though this post appears to be directed at girls only ;-), I wish you an inspiring, exciting and happy 2014 all the same :).

Claireta Teressa said...

such a great post