The Love Letter

Friday, January 10, 2014

I didnt believe in people when I was younger. I always thought friends and people  will come and go, so I tried not to attach to anyone. And there she was, a little girl, a very talkactive one, came to seat beside me in classroom at first day of Junior High school, "Can I sit here?" she asked. And we became good friends. And when we turned 2nd grade we re not in the same class, so I thought, I would lose her that time. But then  I found her standing in front of my classroom. she waved and said "Let's go home together,". We went to different high school, that time I really thought I was going to lose her, but then one morning, I found her at my house doorstep, brought a burning cake--yes the candle burnt the cake so she got me panic by yelling, "oh my God the cake is burning, hurry up blow the candles!!!" Not after the candles died, I realized she decorated the cake with pup shape. Yes. Pup. Not puppy. Pup.

She always there through all. She always follow me around. Although probably all of our friendship, she does the 70% talking coz I dont like to talk. She's still there. When I entered university Ive became more open as a person and believe in friendship. I believe among those come and go people, there'll be ones who stay. That's how she influenced me.


That was the (rewritten) resume of "significant other influences" psychology-related paperwork that my best friend made for a class she took. She sent me through email when I'm  having my 25th birthday at Beppu.

I didnt know it'd took that long for her to trust me, and until this day. I thank God, I didnt quit as right now I thank God I have that bestfriend that probably everyone would want one.


colson said...

An ode to real friendship. Moving. Beautiful.

And, eh, keep it up :).

Claireta Teressa said...

me too!
i used to think that there was no true friend.♥
but now i have

tenku butang said...

done follow no. 107
do follow me back yea..
keep in touch yea..=)

dan my 2nd blog

Cicolari said...

So nice and beautiful blog ! i really like it ! I want to invite you to mine, maybe u wanna follow each other ? If yes, just follow me and let me know ;* I will do the same as soon as possible ;*

Life's a shoe said...

great post!

Launna said...

I have had a couple of good friends and one really best friend... although he and I don't talk, I know that my secrets are still my secrets as he knows his will stay that way too...

Real best friends are hard to come by, always work hard to keep them, they are so worth it :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

Tina Bradley said...

She sounds like an awesome friend! Lovely! T.