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Sunday, May 4, 2014
Owh Dear:( I'm sorry for not blogging recently:v Ive been writing tweetblog these past months, I actually forgot to write updates here:( Not that I'm expecting for you to miss me coz my 'accidental' hiatus here tho'. Hehe. Well, there's alot of updates going on this half year:v I dont know where to start:))))
first of all, maybe I could talk about my house renovation:D we finally got the old home a renovation. It was quite a month. I have to clean and arrange all the things and rooms all by myself. The most stressing part was to clean the closets. Since there're so many clothes that my married-sisters left:v I have to decide which stay which go. But good thing about cleaning things from our home is I have time to remember my roots. Found alot old stuff and photographs. I dont know why but I love reminiscing, to be reminded how I grow, the struggles, and what my roots and values are. Crazy to realize that was 15-20-25 years ago. Time flies. It scares me abit too tho':l anyway, here's some random photo snap

So after the renovation finished and after I got used to the translation project Ive been working on, I finally got the chance to focused on 2014 SingingThumbelina collection design:) I decided to make more alternatives design and color scheme:) and here's the sneakpeek. I'm in the production stage right now.  Hihi. wait for the fun ya:D

I notice Ive been violating my commitment of SRT articles:( for that I have no excuse:v me just lazy, huhuhu. I need to work on that, no doubt. Recently Ive fallen in love in short philosophy kind of writings. The ones that has only 2-3 lines per theme. Been writing that alot on twitter tho' :v I definitely need to download my tweets and extract some of good writing from there:D ehehehe.
Hmm.. what else to update ya? Oh, after I resigned from the advertising project I had last year, I have this personal project, I called it "reconnect days". Ive been meeting my good friends that I havent met them for ages. Last year I was so exhausted body and mind I think I mightve been disconnected for awhile:( after I grew older, I just realized good friends are hard to find. I shouldve been more grateful to have them around..


Btw I made that dress I wear in 1,5days:D handsew-ed! coz my sewing machine got jam. I called it kutubaru dress:D it should be a kutubaru kebaya (the dresscode) but I modified into a dress by pulling up the waist line and make the kebaya part longer:D I have that idea 12 hours before the day, coz I didn't like how kebaya kutubaru look on me. They're my bestfriend in Beppu, btw. My growing up pals. We have our own unique stories that made us both connected by heart and disconnected from the world:) These three are the founder of Anti Social Gank XD which then grew adding several member after sometime. Maybe I should write about the gank later:) anyway, the girl works in Samarinda, so we only meet once per year and the boy lives in Singapore, we just meet after 5years! Orz. Feels lyk yesterday!

So I think these enough for the updates yak:D I hope you're all doing well too yaaaa ヽ(´ー`)ノ thanks for stopping by, and see you on your post and the next post:D Oyasuminasai~


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

interesting great post :)

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lam kenal ya.....

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love everything about japan!


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awesome and lovely post! enjoyed reading it :)
great post! you have a lovely blog!
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Wynne Prasetyo said...

you made that dress yourself? so pretty! i wish i could do that!

colson said...

Good, very good you returned to your blog :). Actually I did miss your posts.

Meilina Utomo said...

@colson xD and I actually waited for your comment, Sir:D haha, I hope you're doing fine:)

@wyne Thank you~ ^-^

@minna (^0^)/

AuL Howler said...

U got so many books!

Awesome kebaya
I believe you can be a dress desaigner too, you know.

Cool post!

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Lovely post!!! Good look remodeling!

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Petite Yeoja said...

I remember when I sew my own pants by hand back then, now I'm not going to make any haha it's pretty tiring and frustating XD

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interesting post & nice pics :)
also the dress is nice!

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meilina!! wowwww nice! =)

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GREAT!! :) Beautiful! :)

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