Changes & Adaptation Tips

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Konnichiwaaaaa XD
Yeay:D blog post. LOL. Happy fasting for all of you who celebrate it : )
At first I wanted to post about the giveaway of the new collection of SingingThumbelina, but I'm working on slight changes on these and those of it, so I decide to pend it awhile:'| Gosh, I think I might need a side-wing or a manager :V

So anyway, let's drop about that topic for awhile and welcoming the SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts of the month! :D It's about adaptation to the new environment. Since this is July, means a new semester of school! It's also means new school or new university for some. And I know for some people adaptation to a new environment needs quite energy and time. *pointing at myself*

I remember days when I first entered high school. It wasn't that good :| I somehow got to enter one of the favorite high school in Jakarta while my (only 0,05 grade point difference with mine) my best(juniorhighschool)friend was not. So I was abit shock(seeing our grade was not that different), I'm in "I don't want to be here. I wish I could just be with her at the same school, even it's not favorite" stage that time. But, that was only for couple months before everything began to fallen in their places. Although I must admit, highschool was the most stressful moment in my life, you know, with the study, I lost my Mom during that time, and yes, I feel you female-teenagers, the hormones moodswing during that time felt so so so devastating—maybe because we're not 'master' it yet! XD But during that time I somehow manage to have three clubcircles/ekskul, and joined the school student-union (osis), so I was pretty excited when I got my highschool yearbook since my pic was everywhere. LOL. Just kidding, just three clubs and student union, but hey still that was quite an achievement for a shy person like me:p

So yeah, sometimes we can't judge a journey by the beginning of it. It can be better….. or worse, lol, I know. Well I'll say it'll be a never ending effort to make things right. But you know, we survived changes for like, the amount years of your life, so that's quite years to conquer ya? :D Hehehe. Don't worry too much. Just thrieve our best. We'll be fine.

My good luck goes to you all who's having big changes right now in your life. Gambatte :) Just do our best. God will take care the rest.
So that's it for today post =D Gonna keep this short, coz I have another story to post in couple days xD nyahahahah. :s I try to post regularly than one large post for 6 month updates like I used to do last year--; *wish me luck. Heheheh
See you later~ *puff*


colson said...

Recognizable, something I can relate to. Though it's long ago, very long ago, I remember feeling lost and bewildered in my first year in in high school ( well, HBS in my case). Missing my old pals, not at ease at all in a new, relatively posh, environment coming from a workers' family and yes, in the course of the years hormonal changes did take place also :). And indeed all turned out quite well ultimately...

Margaretha Liong said...

great post <3

Georgia Nicolaou said...

Great post. Both first days at high school and university were very stressful for me.

Georgia | BeautyInsideArt

Georgia Nicolaou said...

Great post. Both first days at high school and university were very stressful for me.

Georgia | BeautyInsideArt

Sakuranko said...

Oh thanky you for this inspiring and cute post!

Aul Howler said...


have a look to my new blog!

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Insya Allah we 'll find the way. Gambatte....