Dec STArticle: Surviving Money Crisis

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December STArticle, woot~ Hihi. I made this specific topic since there'd been a raised on oil price here in indonesia. And I thought a lot of students might get affect by it. So I'm giving this simple quick tips to survive through it. I was a struggle student too when I was studying in Japan, I was doing my part time job for living, to pay the bills bills bills. I'd done a lot variety of part time jobs. One job I had even ended at 3am on the morning! so I only had 3 hours to sleep before school. I admit I was cried alot through the process XD but it made me stronger and really, even though it was hard, it was the most precious life experience I ever had so far. So I guess, what ever difficulty that life has given to you, I say embrace it! You'll grow stronger, wiser, and by the time you had through it, part of you would be thankful you grow throughout the process. So be patient. Be strong.

It’s been couple months since I restart SingingThumbelina and it feels so good, alhamdulillah:) I cant be more thankful that I have the balls to do things I want to do x’D It’s not easy, but I thank God, I have the strength and patience to do it. Alhamdulillah. I hope it’ll grow bigger in time soon. Aamiin.


So as you all know from my last post, SingingThumbelina is doing customize illustration now, the hing I doubted before. I refused to do customize illustration when I launched SingingThumbelina on 2012, coz I probably never draw anyone but myself:| but then for those who has been reading this blog, probably remember my posting on 2013 about My Commuter Crush, which I draw a cute guy I saw almost every morning on the Patas84 bus? Yeah I like to draw him coz he’s so cute! LOL. Well to make the story short, I finally say hi to him (colson if you read this, you mustve been so proud of me. As well as my facebook friends who read the journey through my statuses). And by coincidence (cyber-stalking ofcourse), I found out his birthday. And I gave him a present, which is a mug with his illustration on it. Owh yeah! Hail agresive woman stranger! LOL. I never saw him again coz I quit my job so I never get on the bus again after nov 2013. I had his contact, and we’d been chatting once, or twice, but then no story after. It’s such a shame. I found that cute guy after years being stuck in my previous love story, and now, no, no story developed after:( Anyway, I made two mugs of him. One for him and one for me, so I have the inventory of my artwork, and every time I eat breakfast sipping my milktea with the mug, I thought, “Hey, I’m not bad on customize illustration”. I mean, the illustration was not extremely like him, but, I think I somehow draw him in the right feel. So then I practice myself on drawing my friends, and got pretty excited on how it goes. And I decided, I think I’m comfortable enough to do customize illustration now. So Ndy, if you read this, you’re my business turning point. Hadn’t I met you, I wouldn’t have the bravery to do customize works. Hihihi

I did several customize by now, and I also do an STInspirationalPeople giveaway, which I give my works to those who inspire me throughout these years building SingingThumbelina. The first one I made was for Diela Maharanie. If you’re a fan of illustration artworks, you mustve known her. She is a maestro of pop illustration here in Indonesia (or probably worldwide). Although our art genre is nothing similar, but I learn a lot about signature from her. She also the illustrator who manage to get her artwork in hautecouture dress. One of my wildest dream! So I tag her on instagram and she’s being sweet about me giving her the totebag of her wearing her MelAhyar dress design (she’s design the fabric pattern). And sent the tote to her. I’m still preparing some others STInspirationalPeople, who knows you’ll be the one I sent too;)

Okaay! So that’s my post for now. Keep update yours too J
Anyway if you happen have an instagram acc, please let me know, so we can stay in touch in instagram ya=D See you:-*


colson said...

Hey, great! :) Yeah, actually I'm proud indeed. Or rather I admire your courage and energy. Very much so. That's the way to do it; take life in your hands and don't let it just slip away.

nourash said...

so sory for your love story ^_^ and nice tips

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

love those pics!

Adinda Nareswari said...

Can I have your talent please? Your drawings (more to illustrations) are great! Btw, this is one of my favorite posts of yours. The paragraph that tells about your life when you were in Japan and the part you gave the readers some advices, they're really useful to me. I mean, I go through a lot right now and I think negatively most of the time.. but when I read those advices, they changed my way of thinking (lol jadi curhat). I thank you so much for that kak. And btw, I'm sorry for your love story. I'm sure you will find better one :)

Keep going, kak!

AuL Howler said...

Talk about signature, i personally think that your artworks have it. You already own your signature, trust me!

Keep it up! Keep growing!
Good luck Singing Thumbelinaa ^^

angkisland said...

you look nice, beautiful and Prety.... nice to meet you @angkisland