Living in Balance

Friday, February 6, 2015

When I wrote the article I'm inspired by the way I jugglin between work task and house chores. For most of people, it might look tiring, but most of the time, I rest myself from work, by doing something else beside work--and it's not always about hang out in cafe, sometimes it's simple thing like cleaning up the house.
I feel I'm not a workaholic now, when I started to work from my home. Even if the amount of productivity outcome is similar. I take my pauses and breath. But I still finished my work in moderate time span. It feels so different when I worked at office where my mind are for work, even when I'm in my bed. I cant seem to let go myself from work. That time I feel so depressed and fell sick all the time. Remembered about that and compared with now, I realize I easily got down mentally and physicaly coz Ive simply didn't balance my life. I become so busy with work I forgot to take care myself and others. In return it didnt help me with my productivity either.  Then one day, I found a video about life in balance to keep you going in long run, and I inspired to do this article.
Roughly said, your life isn't always about work. Your work will never finish even if you work 24/7. There'll always be another work to do, it's a never ending process. So learn to make 'make sense' deadlines. Makesense&healthy work habit. And make your boss or office to 'live with it'(the makesense/healthy deadline) I mean, while you know you can finish some work/project in this amount of time, try to be realistic about it. Would it violates your balance life? Will it makes you go nuts in process could you just dont have time to breath? Imho, Professionalsm is not workaholic. Profesionalism is about how well stated and well done, is your boundaries/set of rules of your work. Unbalance workplace and unbalance bosses will always try to make you do the impossible deadline, (altho' you know it's probly possible--but it will drown you into that depression mud while doing it). Maybe you'll feel somekind of pride about 'I can do that'; Try to be professional about your work boundaries and DONT. Say NO, and give your makessense/healthy deadlines. Set your boundaries and makes other respect that. That's profesional. If you prove your professionalism by giving the best quality and effort, people will eventually respect your 'makessense' deadlines.

But bottomline, I'm not talking bout being lazy and slow. I'm talking bout your life it's not ALL about work,(even if you think you have nothing else to do except working.) and those pauses for rest, for yourself, for your family and friends, will pay you back: a recharged strength to do long run:)

Feel free to save it and share it to your 'busy' loved ones too;)

Now. enough for the mind-provoking ( xD Lets's talk about the updates~

Apparently I have to admit that I only consistent with once a month blogging. No matter how hard I'm trying to update it more often... once in a month it is. lol. I mentioned about writing bout sneak peek of my vision board on my last post. I planned to do it on non-STArticle post, but..... :| *sigh*

Well anyway, I'll just share bout it now:) a quick share:D about my working area in my house. Altho' I must admit, I rarely use it:/ I work at dining room more often. lol. I know the ideal way is to divide/seclude your workplace from 'homie' area. But I dun like it:/ I enjoy seeing my Dad walking around or hear the TV on. But the bad side having open work area inside your house is gosh, you wont want to see my house after a deadline hurricane. I'll be embarassed is someone come and caught me in that hurricane modeXD

Aaaand update bout SingingThumbelina ♡ We have new product now  which is bookcover ♡ it's a notebook cover which I draw illustration on it, you can also change the notebook inside whenever it full.

I sent one to Ayang Cempaka, an indonesian illustrator which also have notebook series of her illustration pattern. And I sent it to my fellow writer stylish blogger, Aul:)

I posted daily/ weekly progress of my work/ random photosnaps in LINE timeline, so if you're interested to the journey just add SingingThumbelina line for the updates. Instagram is more about my finished work, but I also post celebrities/designers' fashion illustrations there. If you're interested to see the fashion illustration please follow SingingThumbelina instagram:)

hookay. I think that's for now:D thank you for stopping by and lovely supportive comments.. see you on my next post ♪


colson said...

Fine post :). And yes the question is 'do we work for a living or do we live to work?'.

I agree with you; though our job/profession may give sense to life, it's not the substitute for life. Moderation is mandatory :).

Larissa said...

I prefer to work from home. Even though I work a lot I feel more relaxed when I am home. :)

Adeline Yang said...

I totally agree. Sometimes we have to rest, take our minds off our work for a bit before continuing it with a refreshed thought. Thanks for sharing once again!

melissa nath said...

Aku suka ideas cornernya kak! :3 and yep, hidup harus balance, thankyouu nice sharing.

Mita Oktavia said...

hey Mei, thanks for you comment. Supporting your blog to, btw :)

i think your illustration is cool. I like, maybe someday you could making some illustration for me too hahaha


Sonia Verardo said...

I really like your blog, it's full of interesting content!
Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC & keep in touch!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Sakuranko said...

Thanks for this lovely post is very inspiring

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AuL Howler said...

That book is now on my bedroom hehe ^^

Larissa said...

Thank you for your comment dear! I hope you are doing good :)

dunia kecil indi said...

Lucu banget ilustrasinya :)

fhenny said...

thats great! keep on working!
style frontier

carolina g. ticala said...

Nice blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses

Sonia Verardo said...

I love your blog! Very cool photos!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you like to, maybe we can follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
Have a nice day lovely!
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

angkisland said...

wow cool nice room.. keep created... happy and keep ur english style ... cool...

Shopaholic said...

och, great post! :-)

Larissa said...

Thank you for your last comment dear :)

Paramitadana said...

just found ur blog and it's ahmajing! keep up the good work<3

visit mine? :)xx