April Updates ^ 0 ^

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
It’s late April and here I am, uploading the March STArticle :| Been a BuZy two months lately. Busy going going going and felt drop lazy whenever I got the chance. I’m planning to upload two articles next month so I can catch up for the April article. I’m guess the thing that every entrepreneur would master at, eventually, is ‘self discipline’. Coz I’ve been into deadlines at least half of my life (since university reports), and I’m kind of proud of myself coz I always manage to done it on schedule. But then when I'm the one who make the deadline, bihii I'm second guessing. A lot of other things and moods popped up through the way, and I just "okay, I think I’ll change the deadline date abit further" and always been like that. Well, I always done the SingingThumbelina order on schedule, and also clear on other-paid-projects, but I tend to violate the other task like designing new designs or, doing STArticle LIKE NOW. Like I always changing the deadline dates whenever it doesn’t relate to other people. Still trying to work on that tho’. Been exercise with reward and punishment. But yeah.. I’m still growing better.  

Anyway, the juicy part! SingingThumbelina has a lot of progress these past two months. Kinda confuse how to describe it, so I hope the picture will do the storytelling =D A lot of new products has been launched and I’m so proud about it. This may looks weird but I’m proud of SingingThumbelina like it’s another part of me. And every little progress that SingingThumbelina made. I’m a proud mama. Hihihi.

I’m also preparing ST PopUpStore which basicly a small stand that I’ll be doing couple hours for couple days a week in front of my home. My home is surrounded by offices, restaurants, and highschool courses. It’s gonna be AM and PM.  I’ll be selling SingingThumbelina products, and tralala trilili, I don’t know if I ever said about this, but I always dreaming to have a café one day. Little café that has SingingThumbelina corner and florist room. Hehehe. Well it’s not yet a café, but I’ll be selling my Breakfast-On-The-Go for AM and Snack-On-The-Go for PM. Been looking out the area and found couple snack that I could make and sell. The concept is On-The-Go, I’m gonna prepare the packaging so that busy employers and students could take it and go. Eat it whenever the have the chance. Whether it’s in bus, classes, or even bus/train station. In Jakarta we can still allowed to eat some of those places.

So I’ve once done the STPopStore on my big family gathering. So this is the picture.

I’m still struggling doing new design that involves flowers and quotes, it’ll be called STFloral. It took way longer than I thought since I don’t usually draw flowers, so I have spent quite some time to design my own signature flower. And some time alone design them as a bag/plushie. So yes, took longer and longer and loonger time than I thought. I plan to official launch it on May. So here I am,  stressing abit. Hehehe.Wish me luck

Ok. I think this is for today update.
Hopefully I can manage to upload twice next month : ) 
See you next post~