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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I see alot of people, include myself feeling unhappy when I feel I'm so behind everyone at my age. And then I trained myself to leave the bad habit. Coz I realize the more you compare yourself to the people you think they're better than you, will make you start to think that you're a failure, it's definitely gonna make your self esteem down lower, and drown into the mud of jealousy.
Compare yourself to the people you think you're better than them will make you start to feel arrogant, less empathy, and judgemental. You don't want to grow yourself to either side. Best way is to respect others life. Again,. We don't know what their battle about. I then trained myself not seeing their succes attribut, but instead learn from their work ethic and attitude. I realize I do can switch the envy to to be inspired:)

Another thing that really works to is to be grateful for the present. I train myself to recognize the blessings among the bads. It could always be worst, and I'm thankful it's not.
Also one of the art of being grateful is to work on what we have now:) Growing up wanting to be an artist, I must admit I used to be jealous to others who have tons of art supply in their work desk or I say, their room since the art tools are literally took one whole room. The younger me thought, I can't do great artwork, I don't have the tools. But then one day, I just said to myself, you know what? I'll just work on what I have now and start to do art with very minimum art tools and improve the tools along the way. But later, I found that, with minimum tools, I forced to be more creative than those who has the more specific tools and it really grown my creativity.

Years after, finally, now I'm building my career in art field, I have a handmade shop that sells cute illustrated goods, and right now, I can say, I'm an illustrator. But as the basic art tools, I still only have two pencil, (one the wood one, the other on is the mechanic one), one eraser, one ruler, and two set of watercolors. Well, I have set of acrylic paint, marker, and brush of course for work. But that's all. I keep my tools in minimum.
I must admit, throughout the years growing as an illustrator, I found myself buying things I rarely use afterward. And that made me felt guilty, seeing those art tools destroyed by time, not by use.
By being grateful for what I have-now, I train myself to really know what I need, instead of what I want.

and of course another sneak peek of SingingThumbelina products xD

So after awhile considering, I decided to give myself a camera as my birthday present. Nothing too fancy, but definitely something I need for work and hobbies. My sister broke my old cam battery holder so I have to put a band to keep the battery intact, and one day, the cam just gave up and died. My tab camera doesn't have the best quality to work with, so as many works coming in, I realized I need to buy myself a camera. The option was a scanner or a makro-camera.Yes, I don't have scanner, but I survived xD. Maybe many of you suprised, an illustrator but doesn;t have a scanner? Well to be honest, I used scanner before and the editing work that needed to be done, is similar with the camera editing. And me personally, don't know why, I like my illustration being photographed than scanned. This might be a matter of taste, but I like the photographed illustration more. AND, since I got myself a camera, now I can start my art vlog again -yeay-. I decided I'm not using the old account, since I want a new fresh start, hihi. My Dad and nephew are as well as occupied with my camera too. Hihihi. My Dad with his daily vlog and sometimes animation (he's 78 and his hobby is animation) aaand, somehow his grandchildren (my nephew) starting to do his lego stopmotion too! XD So, I guess it's nice, to give yourself a present and alot of people happy about it:)

Here's the first video I posted after I unboxing my (early) birthday present, the quality is quite poor coz I still didn't know how to setting things. my Dad is behind the shades and he looks incredible dark xD But since it's the unboxing moment and I'm with my two favorite ones, so I can't helped myself to not upload it xD Thanks for the camera, Dad =D

I'm doing several category on my channel. "Creative Process" which include me doing speed drawing or how to or DIY, "Cats cats cats everywhere" obviously about my cats xD, "Chit Chat Article" is covering STArticle but in audio visual, and I might add one on "Precious Moments" which is about eating out, travel, and all random stuff I feel like to share:3   

So if you have youtube, please subscribe to my channel "SingingThumbelina Diary" and say hi to me so I can visit you back:) See you on another post, I'll upload one semi-STArticle since I skipped the april one,, T-T


colson said...

Great video. It's a funny cat there. It looks like worldwide cats have the same habit of wanting to get into boxes :). My daughters cat is always trying to do the same and if there are no boxes available she takes a chance with shoes ( in vain).

Bety said...

Great blog you have! I'm glad I found it :-)
Very funny video!My niece has a mischievous and fun kitty!

Melina , would you like us to keep in touch by following eachother on GFC?