Keep Going!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hi all xD This is STArticle for June. Jihihihi. I tried my best to upload them within the month. I personally chose this topic cause I'm struggling to keep going. "Keep going" is become one of my favorite quote, just like "Stay faithful with the process". Being a small business owner and creative worker, having consistent in selling is as hard as having a consistent inspiration. Hihihi, nope. The selling goes up and down, inspiration come and go. But, hey, that's life. Probably if we're always at the same stage, we become bored. So life try to give that roller coaster to actually make us to.. keep going. 

I once read another good quotation, "What matter isn't the destination, but the journey." That somehow true for me, cause eventually when we reached our destination/targets, we tend to keep going and targeting a new one. Being tired and questioning our journey is okay once in a while, even changing direction also okay. You're the captain of your sailboat. You choose and you sail through.

One of my favorite things to keep going is to be out of my routine. Like, everyday I'm drawing. Now that my work based on that, I CANT stop drawing, which may look like a bliss (it is) but sometimes, I feel the burnt out and simply don't want to look on blank paper. Every time that strikes, I do whatever I don't usually do. Vlogging, writing novel, play with makeup and doing photoshoot. I know there's some point that we shouldn't divide our attention that much (multitasking) coz sometimes we ended up never done anything, BUT, it actually works for me. It may not look like a consistent one, my hobbies, but it's done when I need it. I came back to my hobbies whenever I need a break.  

Speaking of which, besides working on STArticle and article for magazines, lately I'm thinking to be more focus on my fiction writing. It was my last (this year) birthday goal—but no, I didn't write one….. My older sister published five books by now. And I really want to start publishing mine. So then, during that dark moment in my drawing-career, I actually got a bright insight on my children book theme. I think it's gonna be on children book area, since my heroine are twelve years old. 

This might sound very weird but, I somehow owe my early teen me. I mean, when I was 10 to about 13 years old, I owe her, alot. It was somehow the hardest years for my family, but that girl always manage to survived day by day. I kinda remembered her as different entity than me. Cause she looks different. Honestly, I don't know if I can handle it better than she was at that time.

Maybe that's why I always imagine my heroine in 10-13 years old. Always the same heroin in different themes stories. Maybe I really want to give the little her that spot. Cause, she deserves to be written. Nyahaaa, I know I might sound very narcistic now, but really, since Ive grown a lot older from her, I also began to see her as different person from me, although, hopefully I still have her strength. Anyway, when I first see Dakota Fanning when she was little, I think I saw her on Accross the Universe video clip, I thought, she looks like my heroine, cause I have that simple bob hairstyle when I was a child. And that gazing poker face, man I think I also have that look when I was a child. Hihihi.

Anyway:v I'm too out of topic, but I hope I can give you example how to jugglin these days. If you really can't brighten a gray area at the moment, do look other way and paint colourful colors on it, you can get back to the gray area later when the time is right.

Keep going, all! Keep going!    


colson said...

Looking forward to meeting your 13 year old alter ego :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh sweeetie will be a pleasure know to your heroine

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