Keep Going!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hi all xD This is STArticle for June. Jihihihi. I tried my best to upload them within the month. I personally chose this topic cause I'm struggling to keep going. "Keep going" is become one of my favorite quote, just like "Stay faithful with the process". Being a small business owner and creative worker, having consistent in selling is as hard as having a consistent inspiration. Hihihi, nope. The selling goes up and down, inspiration come and go. But, hey, that's life. Probably if we're always at the same stage, we become bored. So life try to give that roller coaster to actually make us to.. keep going. 

I once read another good quotation, "What matter isn't the destination, but the journey." That somehow true for me, cause eventually when we reached our destination/targets, we tend to keep going and targeting a new one. Being tired and questioning our journey is okay once in a while, even changing direction also okay. You're the captain of your sailboat. You choose and you sail through.

One of my favorite things to keep going is to be out of my routine. Like, everyday I'm drawing. Now that my work based on that, I CANT stop drawing, which may look like a bliss (it is) but sometimes, I feel the burnt out and simply don't want to look on blank paper. Every time that strikes, I do whatever I don't usually do. Vlogging, writing novel, play with makeup and doing photoshoot. I know there's some point that we shouldn't divide our attention that much (multitasking) coz sometimes we ended up never done anything, BUT, it actually works for me. It may not look like a consistent one, my hobbies, but it's done when I need it. I came back to my hobbies whenever I need a break.  

Speaking of which, besides working on STArticle and article for magazines, lately I'm thinking to be more focus on my fiction writing. It was my last (this year) birthday goal—but no, I didn't write one….. My older sister published five books by now. And I really want to start publishing mine. So then, during that dark moment in my drawing-career, I actually got a bright insight on my children book theme. I think it's gonna be on children book area, since my heroine are twelve years old. 

This might sound very weird but, I somehow owe my early teen me. I mean, when I was 10 to about 13 years old, I owe her, alot. It was somehow the hardest years for my family, but that girl always manage to survived day by day. I kinda remembered her as different entity than me. Cause she looks different. Honestly, I don't know if I can handle it better than she was at that time.

Maybe that's why I always imagine my heroine in 10-13 years old. Always the same heroin in different themes stories. Maybe I really want to give the little her that spot. Cause, she deserves to be written. Nyahaaa, I know I might sound very narcistic now, but really, since Ive grown a lot older from her, I also began to see her as different person from me, although, hopefully I still have her strength. Anyway, when I first see Dakota Fanning when she was little, I think I saw her on Accross the Universe video clip, I thought, she looks like my heroine, cause I have that simple bob hairstyle when I was a child. And that gazing poker face, man I think I also have that look when I was a child. Hihihi.

Anyway:v I'm too out of topic, but I hope I can give you example how to jugglin these days. If you really can't brighten a gray area at the moment, do look other way and paint colourful colors on it, you can get back to the gray area later when the time is right.

Keep going, all! Keep going!    

Growing Up Checklist

Monday, June 1, 2015

The May's bonus but uploaded on June! LOL. Oh me...

Anyway=D just had my birthday couple days ago and I think I'll just make this as a May bonus I prmised.Rather simple, but who knows, might be inspiration on your grow checklist too. Hihihi XD

You can see the making of the illustration here:

Gonna make the chitchat vlog for this one, so do subcribe on my youtube channel 'SingingThumbelina Diary' for realtime update yaa:)

Yosh. Better to keep moving. See you on the next post~

STArticle May | Happiness Wisdom

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I see alot of people, include myself feeling unhappy when I feel I'm so behind everyone at my age. And then I trained myself to leave the bad habit. Coz I realize the more you compare yourself to the people you think they're better than you, will make you start to think that you're a failure, it's definitely gonna make your self esteem down lower, and drown into the mud of jealousy.
Compare yourself to the people you think you're better than them will make you start to feel arrogant, less empathy, and judgemental. You don't want to grow yourself to either side. Best way is to respect others life. Again,. We don't know what their battle about. I then trained myself not seeing their succes attribut, but instead learn from their work ethic and attitude. I realize I do can switch the envy to to be inspired:)

Another thing that really works to is to be grateful for the present. I train myself to recognize the blessings among the bads. It could always be worst, and I'm thankful it's not.
Also one of the art of being grateful is to work on what we have now:) Growing up wanting to be an artist, I must admit I used to be jealous to others who have tons of art supply in their work desk or I say, their room since the art tools are literally took one whole room. The younger me thought, I can't do great artwork, I don't have the tools. But then one day, I just said to myself, you know what? I'll just work on what I have now and start to do art with very minimum art tools and improve the tools along the way. But later, I found that, with minimum tools, I forced to be more creative than those who has the more specific tools and it really grown my creativity.

Years after, finally, now I'm building my career in art field, I have a handmade shop that sells cute illustrated goods, and right now, I can say, I'm an illustrator. But as the basic art tools, I still only have two pencil, (one the wood one, the other on is the mechanic one), one eraser, one ruler, and two set of watercolors. Well, I have set of acrylic paint, marker, and brush of course for work. But that's all. I keep my tools in minimum.
I must admit, throughout the years growing as an illustrator, I found myself buying things I rarely use afterward. And that made me felt guilty, seeing those art tools destroyed by time, not by use.
By being grateful for what I have-now, I train myself to really know what I need, instead of what I want.

and of course another sneak peek of SingingThumbelina products xD

So after awhile considering, I decided to give myself a camera as my birthday present. Nothing too fancy, but definitely something I need for work and hobbies. My sister broke my old cam battery holder so I have to put a band to keep the battery intact, and one day, the cam just gave up and died. My tab camera doesn't have the best quality to work with, so as many works coming in, I realized I need to buy myself a camera. The option was a scanner or a makro-camera.Yes, I don't have scanner, but I survived xD. Maybe many of you suprised, an illustrator but doesn;t have a scanner? Well to be honest, I used scanner before and the editing work that needed to be done, is similar with the camera editing. And me personally, don't know why, I like my illustration being photographed than scanned. This might be a matter of taste, but I like the photographed illustration more. AND, since I got myself a camera, now I can start my art vlog again -yeay-. I decided I'm not using the old account, since I want a new fresh start, hihi. My Dad and nephew are as well as occupied with my camera too. Hihihi. My Dad with his daily vlog and sometimes animation (he's 78 and his hobby is animation) aaand, somehow his grandchildren (my nephew) starting to do his lego stopmotion too! XD So, I guess it's nice, to give yourself a present and alot of people happy about it:)

Here's the first video I posted after I unboxing my (early) birthday present, the quality is quite poor coz I still didn't know how to setting things. my Dad is behind the shades and he looks incredible dark xD But since it's the unboxing moment and I'm with my two favorite ones, so I can't helped myself to not upload it xD Thanks for the camera, Dad =D

I'm doing several category on my channel. "Creative Process" which include me doing speed drawing or how to or DIY, "Cats cats cats everywhere" obviously about my cats xD, "Chit Chat Article" is covering STArticle but in audio visual, and I might add one on "Precious Moments" which is about eating out, travel, and all random stuff I feel like to share:3   

So if you have youtube, please subscribe to my channel "SingingThumbelina Diary" and say hi to me so I can visit you back:) See you on another post, I'll upload one semi-STArticle since I skipped the april one,, T-T

April Updates ^ 0 ^

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
It’s late April and here I am, uploading the March STArticle :| Been a BuZy two months lately. Busy going going going and felt drop lazy whenever I got the chance. I’m planning to upload two articles next month so I can catch up for the April article. I’m guess the thing that every entrepreneur would master at, eventually, is ‘self discipline’. Coz I’ve been into deadlines at least half of my life (since university reports), and I’m kind of proud of myself coz I always manage to done it on schedule. But then when I'm the one who make the deadline, bihii I'm second guessing. A lot of other things and moods popped up through the way, and I just "okay, I think I’ll change the deadline date abit further" and always been like that. Well, I always done the SingingThumbelina order on schedule, and also clear on other-paid-projects, but I tend to violate the other task like designing new designs or, doing STArticle LIKE NOW. Like I always changing the deadline dates whenever it doesn’t relate to other people. Still trying to work on that tho’. Been exercise with reward and punishment. But yeah.. I’m still growing better.  

Anyway, the juicy part! SingingThumbelina has a lot of progress these past two months. Kinda confuse how to describe it, so I hope the picture will do the storytelling =D A lot of new products has been launched and I’m so proud about it. This may looks weird but I’m proud of SingingThumbelina like it’s another part of me. And every little progress that SingingThumbelina made. I’m a proud mama. Hihihi.

I’m also preparing ST PopUpStore which basicly a small stand that I’ll be doing couple hours for couple days a week in front of my home. My home is surrounded by offices, restaurants, and highschool courses. It’s gonna be AM and PM.  I’ll be selling SingingThumbelina products, and tralala trilili, I don’t know if I ever said about this, but I always dreaming to have a café one day. Little café that has SingingThumbelina corner and florist room. Hehehe. Well it’s not yet a café, but I’ll be selling my Breakfast-On-The-Go for AM and Snack-On-The-Go for PM. Been looking out the area and found couple snack that I could make and sell. The concept is On-The-Go, I’m gonna prepare the packaging so that busy employers and students could take it and go. Eat it whenever the have the chance. Whether it’s in bus, classes, or even bus/train station. In Jakarta we can still allowed to eat some of those places.

So I’ve once done the STPopStore on my big family gathering. So this is the picture.

I’m still struggling doing new design that involves flowers and quotes, it’ll be called STFloral. It took way longer than I thought since I don’t usually draw flowers, so I have spent quite some time to design my own signature flower. And some time alone design them as a bag/plushie. So yes, took longer and longer and loonger time than I thought. I plan to official launch it on May. So here I am,  stressing abit. Hehehe.Wish me luck

Ok. I think this is for today update.
Hopefully I can manage to upload twice next month : ) 
See you next post~ 

Living in Balance

Friday, February 6, 2015

When I wrote the article I'm inspired by the way I jugglin between work task and house chores. For most of people, it might look tiring, but most of the time, I rest myself from work, by doing something else beside work--and it's not always about hang out in cafe, sometimes it's simple thing like cleaning up the house.
I feel I'm not a workaholic now, when I started to work from my home. Even if the amount of productivity outcome is similar. I take my pauses and breath. But I still finished my work in moderate time span. It feels so different when I worked at office where my mind are for work, even when I'm in my bed. I cant seem to let go myself from work. That time I feel so depressed and fell sick all the time. Remembered about that and compared with now, I realize I easily got down mentally and physicaly coz Ive simply didn't balance my life. I become so busy with work I forgot to take care myself and others. In return it didnt help me with my productivity either.  Then one day, I found a video about life in balance to keep you going in long run, and I inspired to do this article.
Roughly said, your life isn't always about work. Your work will never finish even if you work 24/7. There'll always be another work to do, it's a never ending process. So learn to make 'make sense' deadlines. Makesense&healthy work habit. And make your boss or office to 'live with it'(the makesense/healthy deadline) I mean, while you know you can finish some work/project in this amount of time, try to be realistic about it. Would it violates your balance life? Will it makes you go nuts in process could you just dont have time to breath? Imho, Professionalsm is not workaholic. Profesionalism is about how well stated and well done, is your boundaries/set of rules of your work. Unbalance workplace and unbalance bosses will always try to make you do the impossible deadline, (altho' you know it's probly possible--but it will drown you into that depression mud while doing it). Maybe you'll feel somekind of pride about 'I can do that'; Try to be professional about your work boundaries and DONT. Say NO, and give your makessense/healthy deadlines. Set your boundaries and makes other respect that. That's profesional. If you prove your professionalism by giving the best quality and effort, people will eventually respect your 'makessense' deadlines.

But bottomline, I'm not talking bout being lazy and slow. I'm talking bout your life it's not ALL about work,(even if you think you have nothing else to do except working.) and those pauses for rest, for yourself, for your family and friends, will pay you back: a recharged strength to do long run:)

Feel free to save it and share it to your 'busy' loved ones too;)

Now. enough for the mind-provoking ( xD Lets's talk about the updates~

Apparently I have to admit that I only consistent with once a month blogging. No matter how hard I'm trying to update it more often... once in a month it is. lol. I mentioned about writing bout sneak peek of my vision board on my last post. I planned to do it on non-STArticle post, but..... :| *sigh*

Well anyway, I'll just share bout it now:) a quick share:D about my working area in my house. Altho' I must admit, I rarely use it:/ I work at dining room more often. lol. I know the ideal way is to divide/seclude your workplace from 'homie' area. But I dun like it:/ I enjoy seeing my Dad walking around or hear the TV on. But the bad side having open work area inside your house is gosh, you wont want to see my house after a deadline hurricane. I'll be embarassed is someone come and caught me in that hurricane modeXD

Aaaand update bout SingingThumbelina ♡ We have new product now  which is bookcover ♡ it's a notebook cover which I draw illustration on it, you can also change the notebook inside whenever it full.

I sent one to Ayang Cempaka, an indonesian illustrator which also have notebook series of her illustration pattern. And I sent it to my fellow writer stylish blogger, Aul:)

I posted daily/ weekly progress of my work/ random photosnaps in LINE timeline, so if you're interested to the journey just add SingingThumbelina line for the updates. Instagram is more about my finished work, but I also post celebrities/designers' fashion illustrations there. If you're interested to see the fashion illustration please follow SingingThumbelina instagram:)

hookay. I think that's for now:D thank you for stopping by and lovely supportive comments.. see you on my next post ♪

Happy 2015 | Working SMART

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Happy new year people =D how was your 2014? Mine was like a flash light. I kinda abit shock it was over, it's like I just started it and it's over already. At some rate, at some age we'll go into that phase where life feels like it slipping away and you try to hold as long as possible.

For me, that's also the reason for human to try to live their fullest. To be more appreciate about time, about life, about people you love. One of way to be more grateful with the time, health, knowledge, and skill that we have is to grow well. At some point, just like an arrow leaving its arch, our life became our own responsibility. We're not that kid anymore. We have to continue to grow with our strength. To grow well, one of the thing we need is good goals.

Goals. I can't really remember if my parent has taught me this or I just came out by myself, but I have this habit of writing my goals in paper and stick them on my bedroom wall since I was a teen. I was a last child with bright sisters whose school was always the favorite one, so I remember I used to have goals, (at least) to follow their –school—steps. So yes. Later on, I remember when I aimed for scholarship to study in Japan, I covered almost all doors and walls at my home with my written goals, "100% Tuition Scholarship" "Toefl 600 up" etc. When I got back home in 2010 I remember I also have goals written on my closet door. It's about SingingThumbelina and how I want to grow her to be.

So yes. I don't underestimate the power of dreams and goals. I always have them all my life. But I must admit, lately, I don't stamp it on the walls like I used to do. I just write it on my journal book. But sometimes I forgot to re-read them again. Sometimes it slipped away from my mind. This writings remind myself I definitely need to write them out there again. Oh for those who want to write and stamp your goals on walls, you also have to check out about vision board. It's one of my favorite, since I love visual. Basicly it's a board with how you want your life become. The picture of your life goals. Anyway, maybe I'll post a peek of mine on the later post ;)

Anyway, I first heard about this SMART goals term from my Dad. Later on I thought this would be excellent topic for STArticle. I do hope you enjoy the topic.

Okay. I think I'm gonna make this post short for now =D I'll post another one about the vision board and SingingThumbelina's update on my next post :)
Enjoy and please do share it with your friends! :D
Love, Mey.      


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shud be sleeping coz I dun feel well since I couldnt sleep until 3 oclock in the morning last 'night'. I feel abit dizzy but my eyes feel like they had been hit by caffeine so I cant shut it close. So I decided to make a quick catarsyst writing that I havent done in years here. Btw, yes that's my old illustration, but I reedited it and endep up loving it, and I think it deserves to be blogged.

Despite how 'love'ly the illustration, I feel like this post is gonna be a gloomy one. You know, sometimes I contradict myself in my way of thinking. I try not to ask WHY in life, but I do always try to look the brightside reason about the facts. For me, asking WHY about your life, sounds abit whiny. So dun know since when, I stopped to ask WHY, I just pray for strength and wisdom to through it. Whatever life has for me. But sometimes, I couldnt helped it. I want to ask WHY. I want to whine even if I know no human could answer the Why question. But most of the time lately, I ended up just pray for the strength and wisdom. And let the WHY burried down under.

Beside the "unable-to-be-answered whys", there're other WHY that human COULD answer. They could answer with their reason, or I might say, their excuses. Which in some level, I dun want to hear that. Either it would hurt me so or, it would full of blaffing and justification. Both I dun want to hear. I dun know why I ended up growing up that way. Left things unsaid, accept things unsaid. I just accept that it did happened and I need to figure out how to survive, to be okay about it. I dont know whether this is good or not.

Then I ended up practicing my own reasoning skills. Try my best to get it on the positive thinking area. Try very hard not to get the imagination too drama. Try not to give people justification they dont deserve (unless they deserve it). So. yeah it feels too heavy and confusing sometimes. I kinda wished I can just whine it out. But. I just cant, even inside my diary. I cant write the full WHY question.

for now, I just wish more wisdom to understand things out, and maybe a bit bravery and patience to hear other excuses..

Oh well, I guess Welcome to the growing up madness, Mey:)

Dec STArticle: Surviving Money Crisis

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December STArticle, woot~ Hihi. I made this specific topic since there'd been a raised on oil price here in indonesia. And I thought a lot of students might get affect by it. So I'm giving this simple quick tips to survive through it. I was a struggle student too when I was studying in Japan, I was doing my part time job for living, to pay the bills bills bills. I'd done a lot variety of part time jobs. One job I had even ended at 3am on the morning! so I only had 3 hours to sleep before school. I admit I was cried alot through the process XD but it made me stronger and really, even though it was hard, it was the most precious life experience I ever had so far. So I guess, what ever difficulty that life has given to you, I say embrace it! You'll grow stronger, wiser, and by the time you had through it, part of you would be thankful you grow throughout the process. So be patient. Be strong.

It’s been couple months since I restart SingingThumbelina and it feels so good, alhamdulillah:) I cant be more thankful that I have the balls to do things I want to do x’D It’s not easy, but I thank God, I have the strength and patience to do it. Alhamdulillah. I hope it’ll grow bigger in time soon. Aamiin.


So as you all know from my last post, SingingThumbelina is doing customize illustration now, the hing I doubted before. I refused to do customize illustration when I launched SingingThumbelina on 2012, coz I probably never draw anyone but myself:| but then for those who has been reading this blog, probably remember my posting on 2013 about My Commuter Crush, which I draw a cute guy I saw almost every morning on the Patas84 bus? Yeah I like to draw him coz he’s so cute! LOL. Well to make the story short, I finally say hi to him (colson if you read this, you mustve been so proud of me. As well as my facebook friends who read the journey through my statuses). And by coincidence (cyber-stalking ofcourse), I found out his birthday. And I gave him a present, which is a mug with his illustration on it. Owh yeah! Hail agresive woman stranger! LOL. I never saw him again coz I quit my job so I never get on the bus again after nov 2013. I had his contact, and we’d been chatting once, or twice, but then no story after. It’s such a shame. I found that cute guy after years being stuck in my previous love story, and now, no, no story developed after:( Anyway, I made two mugs of him. One for him and one for me, so I have the inventory of my artwork, and every time I eat breakfast sipping my milktea with the mug, I thought, “Hey, I’m not bad on customize illustration”. I mean, the illustration was not extremely like him, but, I think I somehow draw him in the right feel. So then I practice myself on drawing my friends, and got pretty excited on how it goes. And I decided, I think I’m comfortable enough to do customize illustration now. So Ndy, if you read this, you’re my business turning point. Hadn’t I met you, I wouldn’t have the bravery to do customize works. Hihihi

I did several customize by now, and I also do an STInspirationalPeople giveaway, which I give my works to those who inspire me throughout these years building SingingThumbelina. The first one I made was for Diela Maharanie. If you’re a fan of illustration artworks, you mustve known her. She is a maestro of pop illustration here in Indonesia (or probably worldwide). Although our art genre is nothing similar, but I learn a lot about signature from her. She also the illustrator who manage to get her artwork in hautecouture dress. One of my wildest dream! So I tag her on instagram and she’s being sweet about me giving her the totebag of her wearing her MelAhyar dress design (she’s design the fabric pattern). And sent the tote to her. I’m still preparing some others STInspirationalPeople, who knows you’ll be the one I sent too;)

Okaay! So that’s my post for now. Keep update yours too J
Anyway if you happen have an instagram acc, please let me know, so we can stay in touch in instagram ya=D See you:-*

Singingthunbelina collection 2014/15 ♡

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Is it me or because of twitter and instagram, blogger forgot to come back to blog xD? Gosh. technology and social media. wonder if I could master it--at least update all at the same time, with the same love and attention:s 

anyway, good to be home =D my dear neglected blog home... huhu. forgive me, roots x'D

so first thing to announce. I launched SingingThunbelina 2014/15 collection. Alhamdulillah. You can see the ST2014/15 collection, STquotes (illustration with quotes), STArticles, and other illustrations on SingingThumbelina facebook, and instagram @singingthumbelina. I'll add several varian items later, so wait for te fun:) wait for the free giveaway also~ both on and instagram! I was thinking about doing the giveaway as soon as I launched, but then I changed the timeline for a better approach. 

I'm also doing costumize/request illustration now. So people could send me their photo and I draw illustration based on that photo and draw it on totebag, bookcovers, mug, etc. So you can have an exclusive illustration items of.. You:) that would be the one and only:D

So yes that one you see is STArticle, (SRT before).  you can save it on your laptop and tab first, for a better reading. It'll go on monthly series so... it's gonna be collect-able:) and please do spread the love (the article) yaaaa, hihi. I'm working on the indonesian version and hoping that I could manage to make it published on teen magazines. A illustrator who writes, are also one of my passion. So wish me luck;) and oh, please bear the english:| I was doing my best x'D0

There are alot of thing happened these months, and I think I'll write it into several post per theme later on. Some of good, and some of grieve, some accident, some heart broken. It was almost felt devastating, but alhamdulillah, I've back to my feet now. Ready for another run:) 

Err. Now that I wrote that, I just realized how far Ive been from 'blog home':( this place used to be my only 'home' of my wild thoughts and imagination. Huhu. I'm trying to come home as often as I can with story and photo from another socmed. lol.

anyway, this is the update so far. Please support SingingThunbelina by thumbs up on facebook and follow us on instagram:) you can contact the girl behind the illustration (ehm.. me (o^-^)) by LINE and gmail.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments always be my biggest support :D thank you!

Changes & Adaptation Tips

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Konnichiwaaaaa XD
Yeay:D blog post. LOL. Happy fasting for all of you who celebrate it : )
At first I wanted to post about the giveaway of the new collection of SingingThumbelina, but I'm working on slight changes on these and those of it, so I decide to pend it awhile:'| Gosh, I think I might need a side-wing or a manager :V

So anyway, let's drop about that topic for awhile and welcoming the SingingThumbelina Random Thoughts of the month! :D It's about adaptation to the new environment. Since this is July, means a new semester of school! It's also means new school or new university for some. And I know for some people adaptation to a new environment needs quite energy and time. *pointing at myself*

I remember days when I first entered high school. It wasn't that good :| I somehow got to enter one of the favorite high school in Jakarta while my (only 0,05 grade point difference with mine) my best(juniorhighschool)friend was not. So I was abit shock(seeing our grade was not that different), I'm in "I don't want to be here. I wish I could just be with her at the same school, even it's not favorite" stage that time. But, that was only for couple months before everything began to fallen in their places. Although I must admit, highschool was the most stressful moment in my life, you know, with the study, I lost my Mom during that time, and yes, I feel you female-teenagers, the hormones moodswing during that time felt so so so devastating—maybe because we're not 'master' it yet! XD But during that time I somehow manage to have three clubcircles/ekskul, and joined the school student-union (osis), so I was pretty excited when I got my highschool yearbook since my pic was everywhere. LOL. Just kidding, just three clubs and student union, but hey still that was quite an achievement for a shy person like me:p

So yeah, sometimes we can't judge a journey by the beginning of it. It can be better….. or worse, lol, I know. Well I'll say it'll be a never ending effort to make things right. But you know, we survived changes for like, the amount years of your life, so that's quite years to conquer ya? :D Hehehe. Don't worry too much. Just thrieve our best. We'll be fine.

My good luck goes to you all who's having big changes right now in your life. Gambatte :) Just do our best. God will take care the rest.
So that's it for today post =D Gonna keep this short, coz I have another story to post in couple days xD nyahahahah. :s I try to post regularly than one large post for 6 month updates like I used to do last year--; *wish me luck. Heheheh
See you later~ *puff*

Happy Birthday SingingThumbelina:D

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Me!!=D

Today I'm gonna give myself a present!! x3 SingingThumbelina 2014 collection soft launching! Bismillah! =D

I'll be launching the new insta-store at the instagram, aside the facebook that I already have. I'll tell you the new instagram-id on the next post--which is about,, *drumroll* another launching giveaways!! =D I'll giving away totes and blouse for SingingThumbelina lover=D so wait the fun!

 Been working on this like beaver this past weeks. Preparing the design, the production, while doing my other-work's deadline, tell you the truth right now I'm so tired I don't know what else to write. Anyway,  I'll be also posting SRT newsletter later=D here, facebook, and instagram. I'm planning to make a SRT compact version for instagram :)

As you can see I'm using the manequin doll digital editing concept :D I think I might use it as my trademark, hehe..

 Feels so good to be back on the track. So many things to plan, so many things to do, so many things to learn, so many things to share. And of course,so many things to be grateful, alhamdulillah…

 You all too! Gambatte ne!

 Anywayyyyyy I really have to sleep noww, See you in the next fun-giveaway post!

Mey's Updates! XD

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Owh Dear:( I'm sorry for not blogging recently:v Ive been writing tweetblog these past months, I actually forgot to write updates here:( Not that I'm expecting for you to miss me coz my 'accidental' hiatus here tho'. Hehe. Well, there's alot of updates going on this half year:v I dont know where to start:))))
first of all, maybe I could talk about my house renovation:D we finally got the old home a renovation. It was quite a month. I have to clean and arrange all the things and rooms all by myself. The most stressing part was to clean the closets. Since there're so many clothes that my married-sisters left:v I have to decide which stay which go. But good thing about cleaning things from our home is I have time to remember my roots. Found alot old stuff and photographs. I dont know why but I love reminiscing, to be reminded how I grow, the struggles, and what my roots and values are. Crazy to realize that was 15-20-25 years ago. Time flies. It scares me abit too tho':l anyway, here's some random photo snap

So after the renovation finished and after I got used to the translation project Ive been working on, I finally got the chance to focused on 2014 SingingThumbelina collection design:) I decided to make more alternatives design and color scheme:) and here's the sneakpeek. I'm in the production stage right now.  Hihi. wait for the fun ya:D

I notice Ive been violating my commitment of SRT articles:( for that I have no excuse:v me just lazy, huhuhu. I need to work on that, no doubt. Recently Ive fallen in love in short philosophy kind of writings. The ones that has only 2-3 lines per theme. Been writing that alot on twitter tho' :v I definitely need to download my tweets and extract some of good writing from there:D ehehehe.
Hmm.. what else to update ya? Oh, after I resigned from the advertising project I had last year, I have this personal project, I called it "reconnect days". Ive been meeting my good friends that I havent met them for ages. Last year I was so exhausted body and mind I think I mightve been disconnected for awhile:( after I grew older, I just realized good friends are hard to find. I shouldve been more grateful to have them around..


Btw I made that dress I wear in 1,5days:D handsew-ed! coz my sewing machine got jam. I called it kutubaru dress:D it should be a kutubaru kebaya (the dresscode) but I modified into a dress by pulling up the waist line and make the kebaya part longer:D I have that idea 12 hours before the day, coz I didn't like how kebaya kutubaru look on me. They're my bestfriend in Beppu, btw. My growing up pals. We have our own unique stories that made us both connected by heart and disconnected from the world:) These three are the founder of Anti Social Gank XD which then grew adding several member after sometime. Maybe I should write about the gank later:) anyway, the girl works in Samarinda, so we only meet once per year and the boy lives in Singapore, we just meet after 5years! Orz. Feels lyk yesterday!

So I think these enough for the updates yak:D I hope you're all doing well too yaaaa ヽ(´ー`)ノ thanks for stopping by, and see you on your post and the next post:D Oyasuminasai~